Sunday, December 26, 2010

BingoRage Boxing Day vidpost

Kevin Smith is coming out with a new movie this year, Red State; premiering at SunDance.


Welcome to Seattle; woodcarving capital of the "Lower 48" states.
This is the dashcam footage of the shooting of Native Canadian woodcarver, John Williams. The shooting is not captured in the video, but it is clear that John Williams was carving and concentrating on a piece of wood when he passed in front of the police car. He wasn't threatening anyone, or acting unusually; Why did the officer stop to harass him?


Ron Paul defending Wikileaks in Congress.

Is Open Diplomacy Possible?, by Peter Singer.
"... If governments did not mislead their citizens so often, there would be less need for secrecy, and if leaders knew that they could not rely on keeping the public in the dark about what they are doing, they would have a powerful incentive to behave better."

(Update: linkand quote added; Dec. 27/10.)
"Freedom is something that dies unless it's used."
— Hunter S. Thompson


Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Juggler... updated

(Thumbnails click for enlargements.]

This is one of the pieces that were taken care of, for the last two years, by the great folks at Definitely Superior gallery in Thunder Bay, NW Ontario.

This piece is available; inquiries to

The Juggler Really Wants to Switch to Bass [fishing].

Detail from The Juggler Really Wants to Switch to Bass [fishing].

"Stop putting paint on that damn fish.
It's not getting any better.
Define that Paishk."

September 2005


April 2006


December 2008


December 23, 2010



Friday, November 12, 2010

More Kevin Smith? Sciencey stuff. Windigo Skull evolution.


Link to older Kevin Smith article at SlashFilm, re:new film "Red State", SmodCastle and emerging SmodCast empire. Related BingoRage post, "Sturgeon Mama and her Dream Lover..."

Red State of the Union Q&A`s, at SmodCast.


Science-based paredolia?

A slab of Swiss marble in an Italian church, appears to contain a physical cross-section of a skull, like you may see in a "CATscan". The article calls it a "dinosaur skull" in the title and body.

I was prepared to accept that and keep surfing, but noticed that paleontologist Paul Sereno is quoted with a skeptical flavour:
"While definitely a fossil, I cannot say what it is. I do not definitively see teeth. There is some bone texture, but other areas look double-layered, unlike typical cranial bone," Sereno told Discovery News.

It was then, that the gears in my head began to turn.

Marble is a highly metamorphic marine-based sedimentary rock. Could a fossil skull survive the metamorphic process of marble formation?

If it is a fossil skull, but not a dinosaur, then what? Whale, mosasaur, fish? How old is the marble? (about 190 million years old).

If it is not a skull, then what is it? A random and highly convoluted twist of inclusionary silica, sawn at a fortunate angle when freed from a mountainside in Switzerland? If it had been cut, one inch up or down the presumptive vertical axis of the "skull", would it disappear in the winding tangle of whitish veins, like buried porcelain turbulence?


I am convinced that it is an actual fossil. It is a testament to the great time and history that the piece has endured that the fracture in the marble has torn the feature in half, by twisting it such as one may tear a French baguette.

Unlike the proverbial jesus-inna-slice-a-burnt-toast, a putative dino-skull-inna-church-slab is not just a matter of personal interpretation and faith, but can be confirmed with observation and evidence. CTscans, excavation (traditional paleontological specimen preparation), MRI, matching this piece with the "second cross-section" fragment mentioned in the article.


While at duck camp, I continued to work on the clay and foam model that was the basis of the halloween Windigo Skull, papier-mache cast. It eventually turned into the piece that I left with the guys at Anurag... "Windigo Skull Evolution". I added the subtitle "primitif/modern/reptile", to the video clip.

Many ducks were had this fall; less so than if the bad weather had arrived when it should. Deer camp was hobbled by the unseasonably warm weather, as the deer felt no impetus to move in the non-frigid morning, nor frolic with lusty intent. I did work on a little clay model study, which I will post, later.


Thursday, October 21, 2010

"The Windigo Skull" - Papier mache cast of foam and clay model.

I made this piece for a buddy of mine from the paintball park. I dont keep Halloween, anymore, since my hunting obligations take precedence at this time of year.

The paintjob turned out really good-looking.The next piece to be built on this platform is tentatively titled
"The BigFoot Skull"



Friday, October 08, 2010

"Sturgeon Mama and Her Dream Lover" in foam and clay, plus a little more Kevin Smith than usual. Wait, what?

I am fairly certain that children do not read my blog, but there are some vulgar/sexual/NSFW/vice-ridden language, material and topics in the audio, video and linked sites of this post (as well as the text).

Do not play the cartoon for small children, homophobes or those opposed to blasphemy... or yourself, maybe. Just skip to the sculpture pics.

Other than that, it's really hilarious stuff;
consider yourself warned.

Part 1):

Greetings, BingoRagers;

Our first order of business is to thank Joseph Carlson, of Spirit Fire Park, for his hard work at the park this year, he personally spearheaded the achievements of the muralwall and outdoor theatre space, during an unforgivingly wet summer. Also, a big thanks to our paintball buddies who are always willing to swing a hammer and pick. The wall’s strength and the shelter of the forts come from these men and growing number of women. - email for open paintball times, stage info., dj/karaoke services and park viewing times.

An OAC Northern Arts grant supported many public art infrastructure works this year, at the park, as well as public art installations. The muralwall construction, expansion of the paintball-safe zone, creation of a stage with backstage wings and power access. A new "fort"/canvas has been started, which will provide new inspiration for artistic expression, theatre and gaming creativity.

BVA and SFP collaborating on first paint, a stylised text and graphic mural fronting the main entrance.

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We also have paintball team logos and youth muraling on the new canvas. We'll be seeking new artists to be inspired and throw new paint. upcoming mural workshops, a public papier mache workshop and the foam/clay modeling and paper replication of several BVA pieces this year. Projects include: a large, stylised sturgeon fish model (a paper copy of which will be installed in the late spring of 2011), several large masks for the SFP Theatre

and the new foam and clay model of an archetypal legend, "Sturgeon Mama and Her Dream Lover".

There is always an emerging of new ways to see the world, as generations and culture passes. It feels like there is a new, emerging public art in Northwestern Ontario. Something to replace the "big thing" meme of the 50's and 60's, that scattered giant moose statues, giant coins, giant geese, the underachieving local big chair and the enigmatic bigfoot statue of Vermillion Bay.

Can you imagine a time when there won't be any physical public art? It sometimes feels like society is headed there.

At Spirit Fire Park, we have created an emergent public cultural space with the assistance of the Ontario Arts Council and our own paintball membership; we are literally creating a "new public".
I highly recommend the CBC Ideas series on "the origin of the modern public" (MP3 links- Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4.

We intend to increase our public presence, the width and depth of artistic collaborations, in order that we join our voices and share the building of the future.


Do you have an idea for a public installation and need a place to put it, when it's done?, Or a place, to build it in place? We have space and labour. Writing a grant and need a location? Gives us an email.

* Transportation and installation costs need to be addressed, before "delivery" or "maintenance agreement". Do not cold call onsite with artworks, please.


My good friends at Anurag Art have generously offered to cast me a bronze piece of recent work, I am considering the "dream lover" mask detail.

* Broken Vulture Art, Spirit Fire Park and Anurag Art are seeking patrons for bronze replica purchases of the finished foam and clay model, plus one available five year sponsorship opportunity; A bronze installation at Spirit Fire Park and gift to the SFP permanent collection. Click to see sponsorship and purchase details for "Sturgeon Mama" bronze.


I finally put some stuff up, at my ETSY shop.

A few pieces of Broken Vulture Art beadwork jewelry, so far. Perhaps I will post one of the smaller paintings, there.



So, what do Kevin Smith and his vulger, merry men have to do with art, or at least my art? I have been video-documenting and photo-documenting much of the painting and sculpture of Broken Vulture Art and Spirit Fire Park, before and throughout our current grant period. Lately, much of the work is inside the BingoRage Studio and much of the background audio has been SmodCastle product. It makes me laugh, which transfers to paint and form... beautifully.


I have been listening to Kevin Smith's podcast, the "SMOdcast", for a couple years. He and longtime collaborator, Scott Mosier, have begun a journey of empire-building, right before my eyes. They are raising a baby podcasting empire; and it feels like a new type of cultural space is emerging from "new media".

It looks alot like an extended family that has chosen to broadcast its life.

At first, there was only one.

The original "Smodcast" featured writer/director Kevin Smith and his producer, friend and film partner, Scott Mosier, speaking about their lives and their collaborative works. They had partnered on a series of distinct and independent films... mostly successful.
Kevin Smith (Wikipedia entry)

Because of the cheap, familial and efficient way that Kevin ran his films, many of his close friends became his actors, muses and collaborators in other traditional media, and then Smodcast.

His artistic gravity and personality has pulled them through the fringes of Hollywood, hockey, New Jersey, Canadian culture, professional arts, superheroes, men and women, vice and morality, victory and failure; it is a font of shared experience, old grudges, true bromance, bad language, merciless judgement, deliberate, transparent lies. The bizarre and truthful discussions that they have are transfixing. They run the spectrums of topic and tone; from insightful and sublime observation, to depraved and filthy discussion of extremely adult topics, to moments of transcendent laughter, to flashes of shamed belligerence. It's happy, profane and real stuff.
Except for the bullshit.

The beast has reproduced.

Instead of just hosting his buddies as stand-ins, while Scott is away, or Kevin is away from the singular Smodcast, he's bankrolled an expansion of his online presence; varied content, serious production goals, Smod-based artwork and animations. There's new recording equipment for his East Coast comic bookstore, Jay and Silent Bob's Secret Stash.

Longtime friends, film and comic collaborators and podcast collaborators, Walt, Steve-Dave and BryQ hold down the Jersey beat with "Tell 'em Steve-Dave" and "The Pucknuts". Pucknuts is brand new and a great hockey show. Unfortunately, they are diehard NJ Devil fans and can't be taken too seriously.

Kevin bought his own SmodCastle, a theatre on the West Coast, so that he can host live shows in his own venue. No time constraints and nobody trying to tell him or his friends what they can or cannot say. It must have been liberating. There are now 5 or 6 fairly consistent podcasts in production, and talk of others in the works. This is really good news for fans of the extended Askewniverse, since it means less hiatus, when Mr. Smith is working on a new film. Kevin is currently working on his long-anticipated "Red State". Supposedly a horror film, a new direction for him, but I am in great anticipation to see what he does with the genre.

The new "Smodimation" cartoon (#8), "The Crapture" (part 1),
is based on a fragment of conversation from Smodcast #52.


Bingopost: Part 2) It lives in foam and clay, but awaits the bronzen transmogrification and paper legacy.

Sturgeon Mama and Her Dream Lover
(Most pics click for larger detail)

Current projects include: a large, stylised sturgeon fish model (a paper copy of which will be installed at SFP, in the late spring of 2011), several large masks for the SFP Theatre and the new foam and clay model of an ancient goddess, "Sturgeon Mama and Her Dream Lover".

Before our first duck hunt, I had started carving a new foam sculptural core; an in the round, vertical composition. I showed Zach from Anurag Art, then the Honcho Bilbo. They were suitably excited.

The doggies, however reserved all excitement for the puddle ducks. we'll get them some big diver flocks at the end of the month.

The Curmudgeon(TM) was not consulted about the foam,

because of the drama raised by the pursuit of foam from his MN headquarters, previously. A two day game of cold-calling and phone tage had degenerated to shifting bouts of denouncements, weak happy-go-lucky-talk, weeping and pleading, threats and idle speculation about the farmsex habits of many foam clerks. Brief hope and abject failure. He was there for that rollercoaster and has no stomach for talk of foam, at this time.

I had to move the piece onto a table, in order to get better access to the bottom half. The top half is encased in modeling clay with a rough finish, but the bottom half is bare, clunky foam. It is beginning to show some promise, however. I want to give the "sturgeon mama" body enough sturgeony detail, that it will pop. Also, I want to ad some quirky little details to the dead space at the bottom. Maybe a crayfish, shell, minnows, waterbugs, or rusty fishing lure: The kinds of thing that kids will notice and delight in finding.

I finally cleared a space on a table and heaved it up so I can do some fine work on the lowest parts of the form. The topmost element was too heavy and thin; it cracked-off.

No problemo; I have to sculpt them separately, now, then integrate them "in the wax" or papier mache part of the replication processes. I can pull good paper casts off the separate pieces and join them. It's necessary to cut the paper into several pieces, to remove it from the form. After the paper casts are rejoined, they can be filled with foam for rigidity, painted and sealed for installation.

The big face of Sturgeon Mama emerged from the negative space and backing material behind the first mask element. The blue areas show where clay and foam has been removed.


Updates and new video, shortly.



Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Aloha, BingoRagers;

Sorry about the posting drought. This summer has been a trial, concerning our OAC Northern Arts grant objectives. It seems that we haven't had a three-day stretch of time without rain and/or severe weather. Our muralwall construction had been plagued by the effects of the wet weather and damaged by high winds, early in its build.

Joe's determination and hard work has seen the wall, stage and safe-zone clearing catching up with the season, however. We are still prepared to receive visitors and public participants this weekend, for "The Spirit Fire is Lit, Again" event. If you can be here for the 6 and 7'th of August, we will put paint and papier mache in your hands and set you to art-ing. If you wish to contribute paint, please bring only new or "viable" housepaint/ acrylic art-paints, brushes and rollers. Also, cobbles and boulders can be brought to add to the trailsides, new petroforms and existing monuments. Remember to bring clothing that can get dirty; and if you will be camping, then bring tent, mosquito repellent, BYOB (19+).

More, after ther jump.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Ins3ct: - Horizontal Transfer

BingoRagers; I apologise for going so long, between posts. here is a quick vid of a piece that stood aside for quite some time; stewing... and serving as a platform for drinks and ashtrays. Enjoy.



Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Eagle / Human Transformation... New video, ArtPost & LinkyPost

New BingoRage Studio production: Eagle/Human Transformation.
Acrylic on plywood, Digital Photo Manipulation.
Remember!! "The Spirit Fire is Lit, Again" event; August 6-7, 2010. Spirit Fire Park; Devlin, Ontario. Generously supported by the Ontario Arts Council.
New mural and sculpture installations, new art infrastructure, camping, theatrical presentation, Rodney Brown performance, paintball... other stuff.
Register to camp; arrange paintball [].
We are seeking mural sponsors to support public workshops and events. Email Eric;


Urban Aboriginal Peoples Survey, and results (Canada).

Mercury pollution from Dryden, Ontario pulp mill still poisoning First Nations people, decades later.

April 22, 2010 protest at Ontario legislature; against Ontario HST plans which break Treaty obligations.


Thumbnails click, to enlarged detail photos.

BingoRage Studio. Broken Vulture Art. Eagle/Human Transformation

More, after the jump.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

DEBATE March 25

Most thumbnail pics and medium size pics will now click to a larger detail photo, in separate page. Please let me know of any missing image links. The accompanying video is a comprehensive history of this piece; from its earliest paint until its current incarnation, as seen from a single perspective. Let me know what you think.

The DEBATE composition is painted on a "masonite board". I'm not sure how long the base will last. Maybe the glue in the board will end up disintegrating in a few hundred years; turning to fine piney dust, as the Mona Lisa sails on and every Morrisseau, not on canvas, turns to dust, also. Painting on Masonite, might be like painting on tar-filled birchbark; it might be like painting on acid-filled Kraft paper, turning brown in the fresh air.

The Crane figure that appears in this composition is not the same figure that appears in the "Crane PowWow Dancer" painting. That piece is part of an upcoming show at the Thunder Bay Art Gallery, "Celebrating The Creators". April 3 - May 23, 2010. Opening reception: April 9, 7:30 pm.
I will probably be there for the opening.

As the young Crane Shaman dances, his turtle rattle resonates with the land and scores him points. The HummingMallard collects nectar, obliviously. One of the Crane's bells falls, ominously.



It is an ongoing arguement, older than the land. Crane and Corvid engage again; over the skies of my homeland.

Their discourse has has carved the soil and bedrock of my roots.

Technology arrives.

Iron, light and water flow; carbon tides and code salad.

"As long as the sun shall shine, the slither flow and carpets spread."

Your memes are true believers...

As old battles wage and the future looms, a third person is called-for. I will keep that in mind, whenever I start tossin' paint at this piece, again.


DEBATE; acrylic on masonite_Jan.-March 2010


The DEBATE video is similiar in format, to this "Chinaski of RedLake, Ontario" vid. Chinaski of Red Lake; previously posted, here.


Sunday, March 21, 2010

"The Spirit Fire is Lit, Again" Broken Vulture Art and Spirit Fire Park 2010 project

Greeting BingoRagers, new and old;

I have been remiss in posting a welcome to new ‘Ragers, who may have found their way here, through the 365 Days of Astronomy podcast. Spirit Fire Park (Joe) and Broken Vulture Art (me!) sponsored the March 11 episode: "Go on a Spacewalk with Astronaut Chris Hadfield".

The video accompanying tonight’s post is an overview of our Ontario Arts Council-supported project; "The Spirit Fire is Lit, Again". Here is a link to our "Spirit Fire is Lit, Again" project FaceBook Page; please share. The photos are of recent peyote stitch beadwork cuffs.

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

MetaRage - March 3, 2010 - Linkypost+Artpost

As you can see, I have finally made the switch to the "New Blogger" template. The main reason that I have done so, is the ease of access to "older posts". I will tweak the new setup, shortly.

BingoRage has had a few technical problems affecting new and old postings, which I’ll tell you about, shortly. The long-promised third installment of the LeechWater story, is in the pipeline; I swear. Find LEECHWATER part 1 [here] and part 2 [here]. *N.B. The chapters contain swear words and offensive, hard-to-explain behaviour. Be forewarned.

BingoRage, representin'! in Thunder Bay. The Crane , Powwow Dancer painting will be at the Thunder Bay Art Gallery, in an April show. This is the Bio. that I sent them:

Eric C. Keast is a self taught contemporary artist combining various media: Painting, papier-mache,
beadwork, writing, etc.. He has been documenting his work -online- in photographs and
video since returning to Canada, after ten years in Minneapolis, where he studied
and worked with Anurag Art Bronze |Studio and Foundry, Heart of the Beast Puppet
and Mask Theatre's MayDay parade and festival, Two Rivers Gallery at MPLS
American Indian Centre and a Native American Youth Shelter.

In the 1980's and 1990's, Eric studied the rock art forms of the Canadian Shield, pictographs and petroglyphs,
and prehistoric material culture, while working for the Regional Archaeology unit and
the Ontario Rock Art Conservation Association in Kenora, ON.

While not a strict follower of the Woodlands School / "X-ray" forms of representation,
Eric's work is influenced by the source material and strong lines of Woodlands art.

Eric received an Ontario Arts Council "Northern Arts" grant this winter, which will be used
to: a) create a mural wall / theatrical space infrastructure at SpiritFire Park in Devlin, ON
b) sculpt a large foam/clay sturgeon model, create and install a papier mache copy of the Sturgeon Mother
at SpiritFire Park
c) Lead a mural design/installation workshop with the UMAYC program, from the Fort Frances UNFC
d) Hold a grand opening event in August 2010, presenting a theatrical performance in new space and
host performance by T-Bay's Rodney Brown.