Wednesday, November 15, 2006

It is, neither legal, safe, or moral...

to hunt Whitetail deer, by bludgeoning them with a platypus.

Ontario provincial laws and MNR policy simply make no provision for hunting platypi; whereas, the regulations clearly make provisions for the use of, or prohibition of, hunting dogs.

It is not safe, because the male platypus is armed with a poisoned spike on his hind leg and hunters could become accidentally envenomated far from medical assisstance and freakingly, stupefyingly, ridiculously and geographically removed from a ready shot of platypus antivenin/antivenom(?).

Clearly, obviously -however- it is immoral to hunt Whitetail Deer by bludgeoning them with a poor, defenceles, far-from-home, somewhat cute, furry, egg-laying chimera, because the deer would suffer, unnecessarily.

Just say NO to hunting platypi.

Platypus deerhunt; Broken Vulture Art; Bingorage Studio - Eric C. Keast

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Platypus deerhunt; Broken Vulture Art; Bingorage Studio - Eric C. Keast

Obviously, I've been spending way too much time thinking
about deerhunting.
Some interesting art/native art links:

Seattle is slow on fullfilling their
pledge of increasing the representation of public native art at the Olympic Sculpture Park.

In October, a panel gathered in South Dakota to discuss the importance of
art to Native heritage and culture.

In November, a large sculpture installation in North Dakota, created by native students, was
vandalised prior to its unveiling.

Here's on online primer on Colour theory

A short interview with Buffy St. Marie.
Buffy's Full Life, Blacklist Sorrow, touching on her "blacklisting" off mainstream
radio during the Vietnam War era.


Anonymous said...

Agreed - way too much time spent thinking about deer hunting - but nonetheless the best laugh I've had all day. You never know, some vengeful platypi might volunteer for the job!

Thanks for all the links, as usual.

Anonymous said...

There is no such thing as thinking about deer hunting way too much... Platypi....& all this time, I thought I was hallucinating! (Our state opener is Saturday, altho I been huntin with shinobs for a couple months now..) Luck to you if you get out for any bludgeoning, er..I mean Hunting!

Hoka-shay-honaqut said...

I don't know why I've endowed the platypus with so much destructive force, in my personal mythology. But; they are nothing compared to the evil of penguins.

PS Deer-beasties have tasty bits.

Anonymous said...

have you considered making a platypus cannon? a fearsome weapon indeed it would be. you could probly buy the plans from north korea.

Anonymous said...

I believe wawashkeshi have employed the chittamo to cover the sounds of their movements in the platypi eat squirrels? And can we use squirrel as a bludgeoning tool?

Hoka-shay-honaqut said...

Heyo Will and Northwindigo;

I've made my feelings about verminry of mass destruction known before.

While I am not against platypus cannons, in theory; in practice they are too messy and indiscriminate.

Squirrel bludgeons are less effective than platypi, simply because of reduced body mass and shortage of gravitas that the platypus brings to the job.

Plans for the ultimate weapon will be posted shortly;
Codename: Heavy Spear

Anonymous said...

If memory serves me correctly, wasn't the Giant Ridgeback Squirrel used as a bludgeoning tool in the Clovis period?