Friday, January 19, 2007

Ricardo Montalban, unavailable

"Smoke Signals" star, Adam Beach, will be joining the cast of Law and Order: SVU ('Variety' article)!!!!!!!!!!


From Desert Rock Blog:

Rally to Oppose Desert Rock Power Plant!
Feb 5, 2-3PM
Round House Rotunda
(northwest corner of Paseo de Peralta and Old Santa Fe Trail)

-Please Attend and help us show the Legislature we don't want this!
-Deliver a letter to your legislators.
-Come early, as parking near the Round House is very hard to find.

The 2007 New Mexico Legislative Session has begun, and one major, problematic bill
that we expect to be introduced soon is a huge incentive for a giant coal-fired power plant in New Mexico.
This plant will spew over 10 million tons of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere each year, essentially
wiping out New Mexico's attempts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions for decades to come.

Desert Rock is just one of over 150 coal-fired plants that the cynical coal industry is attempting to rush into construction before Congress imposes limits on greenhouse gas emissions. Protests have erupted across the US to stop these plants, including in conservative states like Texas, where an alliance of mayors is opposing 12 proposed plants.

The company proposing Desert Rock, Sithe Inc., claims the plant will be "clean". Such is not the case: It will still spew over 10 million tons of CO2 per year, and it appears that Sithe is hiding other pollution emissions with misleading analysis and taking credit for emission reductions at other plants.

This IS a renewable energy/energy efficiency issue: Serious development of large-scale "Concentrating Solar Power",
or"CSP" is now possible and is finally beginning in the West. PV is really taking off. We believe a combination of CSP, PV, wind power, and strong efficiency programs could meet most or all of the load growth in the near term. But inappropriate plants such as Desert Rock will suppress that possibility by diverting rate payer money to the wrong places.

A little something to remind yous of summer.


I met painter Jim Denomie in Minneapolis, about twelve years ago and just re-found him yesterday while surfing. His website is called Wabooz Studio. Great galleries, there.
Here is an interview (w/ audio) with Jim, from late 2005.

Jim Denomie


Bockley Gallery pages. Located in Minneapolis. Todd has represented some great Native artists.

New artist directory; Fine Art America.


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