Saturday, March 31, 2007

spring sprung


Broken Vulture Art mask; at the tracks in Fort Frances.

Resources and random stuff:

Lisa Cherino; Frybread Clan.

Frybread Clan
Lisa Cherino is a one-woman dynamo. She is a puppeteer, a seamstress, a songstress, an artist, and she bakes one mean banana bread. Cherino is also a master's level social worker who found a need in her Native American clients for counseling tools and methods specifically designed for them.

Cool little codetalker carvings at Tribal Artery

Garvies Point Museum
The Museum is a center for research on Long Island geology and a valued resource in the study of the Island'sNative American archaeology. Reference collections of original archaeological artifacts and geological phenomena are maintained... with emphasis on the natural history of Long Island.

Living Traditions
The Cantor Arts Center at Stanford University announces "Living Traditions: Arts of the Americas," opening April 18, 2007, then continuing as an ongoing exhibition.

GFNAAA Site of the Great Falls Native American Art Association.

Woman of Colour Blog

Interview with Kiowa artist, Parker Boyiddle.His site.

Native owned arts store in Illinois. NAAI
Native American Arts Inc, is a wholly American Indian owned company. We are in the business of developing and marketing authentic Native American Indian Arts and Crafts and Silver and Turquoise Jewelry Items; created by Artists from various Native American Tribes.

Story about how early native peoples may have found and speculated about fossils. fossil Croc and legend

Article discussing the Freedmen Cherokee

I have linked to George Dvorsky's Sentient Developments blog, previously and wished to share a favourite SD podcast, the first of his thatI had listened to, including: a film review of The Fountain (D. Aronofsky) and a discussion of the future of chess. I had first heard of George Dvorsky when he appeared on CBC TV's news show, The Hour. He challenged me to think about ethics, humanity and the possible future in a different light.'s collection of SD podcasts.



Anonymous said...

My Black-Cherokee children are still citizens.

I've read where many articles in mainstream media reports that Cherokees of African-American descent have been voted out of the nation. This information is FALSE. My three adult children are Black-Cherokee citizens and have not been disenrolled.

Tribal nations are sovereign and make self governing decisions daily.

Not about benefits? What is 50 BILLION $$$$, land, casino rights and allowing anyone to become a citizen of a sovereign indigenous nations?

Think people.

read more.......

Twila P.
Cherokee citizen-Blue clan,
Mother and grandmother.

Hoka-shay-honaqut said...

Thanks for visiting my site, Twila. I didn't think that all "The Freedmen" had been summarily dismissed, but that those peoples with the Cherokee Nations blood ties had been reaffirmed, where proveable. I will visit your site and invite my readers to do so. Come on back, anytime.