Monday, April 23, 2007

gotta have heart

Starting another "Heart Mask". First Heart-mask posting.

Heart Mask, Broken Vulture Art, Bingorage Studio

Random Resources and Stuff:

Interview with Apache/mejicano poet, Margo Tamez, at Blog Critics Magazine.

ArTrainUSA, 2007 schedule.
"Artrain USA is currently showcasing Native Views: Influences of Modern Culture, a contemporary Native American art exhibition. Comprised of 71 artworks by 54 Native American artists, Native Views explores the influence of popular culture and the many commonalties shared by all Americans. Visitors will discover the richness, complexity and breadth of contemporary Native American art while examining varying perspectives on society. Guest curator, Joanna Bigfeather (Western Cherokee and Mescalero Apache) redefines Native art by broadening the limits and confronting the stereotypes that currently define it."

An article in The Guardian newspaper about an art show, in London, England, about the initial contacts between Britain and the New World.
"The Native American images on show are records not simply of English and British imperial power. They are, rather, relics of some of the many setbacks and failures that this empire experienced, especially in its early stages. In regard to these particular paintings, it is not only the natives who will know defeat."

"American Icons Through Indigenous Eyes", April 13 - May 6 at the District of Columbia Arts Center, Wash.DC. Curator: Suzan Shown Harjo.

An article at explaining possible link between the Solar System's cyclic movements in the galaxy and periodic extinctions on Earth.

There's an interesting entry at Wikipedia for plastic shaman, a dergoatory term that I had not heard before, referring to a fake shaman/"medicine man".
"Many of those who work to expose plastic shamans believe that the abuses perpetuated by spiritual frauds can only exist when there is ignorance about the cultures a fraudulent practitioner claims to represent. Activists working to uphold the rights of traditional cultures work not only to expose the liars and predators that exploit Indigenous traditions, and Indigenous communities, but also to educate seekers about the differences between traditional cultures and what has been described as the New Age, quick-fix, monetary-based, individual approach to spirituality."

Another history of the Cherokee site.

Two girls born to every boy birth, in the shadow of Sarnia's Chemical Valley.
"The people of the Aamjiwnaang First Nation are painfully aware they make up a startling statistic that has raised eyebrows around the world, but the bigger concern for residents are the chemicals they fear are overwhelming their community and killing off their legacy...

Residents live in an area known as chemical valley - Canada's largest cluster of chemical, allied manufacturing and research and development facilities - and co-exist with smoke stacks and nauseating smells that carry with the wind."

Wichita city has stopped plans for a sculpture, because of religious paranoia.
"A proposed park sculpture including elements of primitive calendars and Native American artwork has raised eyebrows in Wichita with some complaining it could have religious overtones."


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