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Jane Goodall's speech; from 2002 TED conference:

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More Seeker pics. Seeker album link.
Seeker. Papier-mache sculpture. Broken Vulture Art, Bingorage Studio.Seeker. Papier-mache sculpture. Broken Vulture Art, Bingorage Studio.

Seeker. Papier-mache sculpture. Broken Vulture Art, Bingorage Studio.Seeker. Papier-mache sculpture. Broken Vulture Art, Bingorage Studio.

Seeker. Papier-mache sculpture. Broken Vulture Art, Bingorage Studio.

Pungi Whiisi Niaas. Acrylic on canvas.

Aniin... Pungi Whiisi Niaas. Acrylic painting on canvas. Broken Vulture Art, Bingorage Studio.


Great Billings News article about Janine Pease.
"It’s a familiar story: Someone makes a big splash in a small pond. Eventually, the welcome wears out, the splash recedes to a ripple, and the big fish goes belly-up.

Familiar, but that doesn’t make it true. Six years after she was forced out of a job that had made her one of the nation’s most prominent educators, Janine Pease is still making waves.

Some lives do have second acts. As president of Little Big Horn College in Crow Agency, Pease stood for 18 years in a spotlight that eventually became national in intensity. She won a sack full of honorary doctorates and awards culminating in a MacArthur “genius” grant in 1994. She was in demand as a speaker, an officer in prominent organizations, a source for books and an expert of tribal education and voting rights issues."

DNA analysis shows that ancient chicken bones on the west coast of South America came from Polynesian sources, not Spanish. Looks like the Hawaiians or Fijians beat the Spanish to the Americas. Also explains how the sweet potato got the South Pacific islands.

Our oceans are turning into plastic
"It began with a line of plastic bags ghosting the surface, followed by an ugly tangle of junk: nets and ropes and bottles, motor-oil jugs and cracked bath toys, a mangled tarp. Tires. A traffic cone. Moore could not believe his eyes. Out here in this desolate place, the water was a stew of plastic crap. It was as though someone had taken the pristine seascape of his youth and swapped it for a landfill.

How did all the plastic end up here? How did this trash tsunami begin? What did it mean? If the questions seemed overwhelming, Moore would soon learn that the answers were even more so, and that his discovery had dire implications for human—and planetary—health. As Alguita glided through the area that scientists now refer to as the "Eastern Garbage Patch", Moore realized that the trail of plastic went on for hundreds of miles. Depressed and stunned, he sailed for a week through bobbing, toxic debris trapped in a purgatory of circling currents. To his horror, he had stumbled across the 21st-century Leviathan. It had no head, no tail. Just an endless body."

"A Native version of Romeo and Juliet. Lewis and Clark from Sacagawea’s point of view. A commodity cheese-based superhero with a talking-dog sidekick.

arigon-the red roadWhen you think of Native storytelling, you think of movies (Dances with Wolves, Smoke Signals), books (Black Elk Speaks, The Lone Ranger and Tonto Fistfight in Heaven), even cartoons and comic books. What you don’t think of is the Native theater, and plays that can stand the test of time. But Los Angeles-based Native Voices, an Equity theater company devoted to Native American plays, is trying to change that. "

"Philosophers of science such as Popper and Kitcher say that it is. Scientists such as Mayr, Dobzhansky, and Ridley agree. Many organizations have passed resolutions to this effect. However, the important question is whether these authorities can back up what they say with evidence.

The following list gives a few of the predictions that have been made from the Theory of Evolution:"

Sault Star article.
"Syrette said her children faced racism by other children "throughout their young lives and throughout school."

Now, years later, the interim manager of the Indian Friendship Centre was startled to see the same kind of simmering racism had again surfaced on a roadside sign. Its letters had been rearranged to spell out a highly offensive slur against aboriginal people. "

Robert Rodriguez's 10-minute film school.


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