Thursday, November 22, 2007

"Indian Jack" Jack Jacobs

The Winnipeg Blue Bombers are going to the Grey Cup!

After a little digging, I found out that one of the early heroes of the Bombers is a fullblood Creek from Oklahoma named Jack Jacobs, aka "Indian Jack" (it was the fifties).

Jack Jacobs; Blue BomberJack Jacobs; Blue Bomber

His Wikipedia entry, Manitoba sports hall of fame page and place in the CFL hall of fame. Further entries found at the Winnipeg Blue Bomber's official site, the Bombers' Wikipedia page and the Jim Thorpe Assoc. site.

Not only was he a CFL star, but he also played in the NFL and still has records with the Oklahoma Sooners (OK news clip, below).

Jack Jacobs. Green Bay Packer.


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Native Art/Culture Stuff:

First Nations Film and Video Festival
"Denver Museum of December 6. Illinois State Museum Saturday, January 5-6. Meztli Gallery and Cultural Organization - January TBA"

Archaeology is the study of old garbage.
"An archeological management plan is being negotiated by the provincial government and Musqueam First Nation to protect the site of an ancient native midden and village at the south foot of Granville Street (Vancouver)... A midden is a garbage heap, often rich in artifacts. The area was declared a National Historic Site in 1933 and is estimated to be at least 2,500 years old and possibly as much as 9,000 years old."

Trickster Gallery, American Indian Centre, Chicago.

Lakota Project
"The Lakota Project is a grass roots urban outreach program based in Rapid City, South Dakota. The Project is specifically designed to meet the special needs of the Lakota Indian family in today’s society. "

Recipients Announced for 15th Annual National Aboriginal Achievement Awards.
"Toronto – Fourteen exceptional achievers, coming from diverse backgrounds, both culturally and geographically have been named recipients of the 2008 National Aboriginal Achievement Awards. They include a 14 year veteran of the National Hockey League, an activist fighting to protect the Innu way of life, an internationally acclaimed artist who made Woodland art an icon and 11 other esteemed individuals of accomplishment coming from across Canada’s Indigenous landscape."

ArtrainUSANovember 25-28 - Oklahoma City, OK.
"Artrain USA is currently showcasing Native Views: Influences of Modern Culture, a contemporary Native American art exhibition. Comprised of 71 artworks by 54 Native American artists, Native Views explores the influence of popular culture and the many commonalties shared by all Americans."

Flood-plain concerns stall plans for powwow site.
"A Rapid City alderman says flood-plain issues have him concerned about the proposed location of a Native American art market and powwow grounds, but a leader of the project said it seems community leaders aren't treating the Native project fairly."

Blackfeet Potter's work goes on display in Browning (Montana).
"A show of (Earl) Livermore's current pottery work opens Nov. 18 at the Museum of the Plains Indian in Browning. The fact the exhibit is opening is almost 38 years to the day after Native American activists occupied Alcatraz in 1969, is a coincidence, Livermore said. Livermore, whose passion has always been art, took turns down a number of other paths while still creating pieces of art..."

Montana Artists Refuge: American Indian Artist Residency Program.
"During September, five Native artists and families from around the country creatively spent the month at the Montana Artists Refuge in Basin, Montana as part of the 7th annual American Indian Artists Residency program.

This program has fast become MAR’s signature fully funded residency. The final week of the residency culminated with MAR’s Indian Artists Symposium event bringing filmmakers, poets, contemporary visual artists and historically traditional artists together to participate in sharing cultural experiences and tribally specific work."

Canadian Aboriginal Festival
"The Canadian Aboriginal Festival is scheduled for November 30th, December 1st & 2nd, 2007 at the Rogers Centre, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The festival will be open to the Public during the following hours:

Saturday, Dec 1st: 10 am to 9 pm
Sunday, Dec 2nd: 10 am to 6 pm"

Angel Carlick update:

"Teenager remembered in 'powerful' memorial".
More than 100 people filled the Blue Feather Youth Centre on Friday night to remember Angel Carlick.
"It was jam-packed," Vicki Durrant, the centre’s executive director, said today. "It was beautiful."

Yukon doctors call for homeless youth shelter
"Doctors attending the meeting in Whitehorse voted unanimously to support a motion by Dr. Dan Carew, who spoke of an urgent and serious health need for a safe place for homeless youth to sleep.

"It has been on the radar screen for a while now and has had further press coverage this week with the unfortunate death of Angel Carlick," Carew said Friday, referring to the 19-year-old Whitehorse woman whose body was found near the city a week earlier."

More blogs:

indigenous issues today"Highlighting contemporary indigenous peoples' issues from around the world, including the indigenous peoples of the Americas, Brazil, Central America, Africa, Asia, Australia, New Zeland, Siberia, Alaska, Polynesia, India, Chile, and much more. Topics include cultures and religions, intellectual property rights, archaeology, art, health, resources, rights, and much more."

NAMAPAHH Multi Media
"Swinomish Native Americian journalist, host& producer of a bi-weekly Native American radio show;NAMAPAHH First People's Radio; freelance journalist, mentor for Tulalip Multi Media Club Youth; myspacer; print & photo journalism; film director & producer"

Dramatic Influence
"We are a (Maori) youth leadership training and outreach for Native Indigenous youth, offering hope and a positive change in lifestyle. We train for six months, and go on tour for six months."


Tim Giago article; Thanksgiving Was the Only Holiday They Celebrated.


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