Monday, February 25, 2008

cigarette lighter cover cherry

Fort Frances; eastside riverfront [Click to enlarge.].

Fort Frances; eastside riverfront. Broken Vulture Art. Bingorage Studio.


Petition opportunity, to save the Woodland Caribou habitat in Canada.
"Canada's Boreal Forest is where you'll find the vast majority of Woodland caribou. But ever-increasing development in Canada's north is fragmenting the Boreal and pushing the Woodland caribou towards extinction. The Woodland caribou is the canary in the coalmine for the Boreal Forest -- protecting their habitat helps protect us all."

More problems with the residential schools settlement process.
"More than 30 former residential school students from Gordon First Nation near Punnichy north of Regina are struggling to have their federal compensation claims recognized."

This is amazing: Stanford University is making big changes to its tuition policy.
"In a radical change to its financial aid program, Stanford University will announce today that it will no longer charge tuition to students whose families earn less than $100,000 a year.
In addition, the university will waive room and board fees for students whose families earn less than $60,000 a year."

An indigenous language dies 'once every two weeks'.
"The Akuntsu tribe of northern Brazil, for example, were first contacted by a Brazilian government team in 1995. They number only six people, who saw the rest of their tribe massacred in the 1970s and 1980s by ranchers who wanted their land. Nobody else speaks the Akuntsu language, and it is likely that it will disappear forever along with the tribe."

I've had several requests to make beaded cigarette lighter covers in the past; finally got around to making one.

It's a combination of peyote-stitch (aka "gourd-stitch") and brick-stitch, with a leather base. It incorporates various sizes, transparencies and colours of glass beads, with a row of tumbled Garnet chips. [Pics click for larger image.]

Beaded cigarette lighter cover; peyote-stitch and gourd-stitch beadwork. Broken Vulture Art. Bingorage Studio.

Beaded cigarette lighter cover; peyote-stitch and gourd-stitch beadwork. Broken Vulture Art. Bingorage Studio.

Beaded cigarette lighter cover; peyote-stitch and gourd-stitch beadwork. Broken Vulture Art. Bingorage Studio.


Pither's Point Park. Fort Frances, Ontario. Broken Vulture Art. Bingorage Studio.


These earring are on auction at RedNationSociety.Com's RNS Auctions.

Click pic to see listing.

Coral-stitch earrings. Broken Vulture Art. Bingorage Studio.

Benefit Dinner and 3rd Anniversary Celebration for Chicago's Trickster Gallery on March 15th, 2008. Art donations are being sought for the auction.

Check out the painted bear skull, by Norval Morrisseau. I hadn't heard of any works like this by NM; there is a story in the comments about how the skull artwork cam to be at Coghlan Art Studio and Gallery.

There is another "Great Wall" that I had not heard of before, known as "The Great Wall of Gorgan", in Iran.
"This vast Wall-also known as the 'Red Snake'-is more than 1000 years older than the Great Wall of China, and longer than Hadrian's Wall and the Antonine Wall put together."

Cree Indian Director Georgina Lightning's feature film debut OLDER THAN AMERICA to premiere in competition at the 2008 South by Southwest Film Festival.March 7-15, 2008.
"A woman's haunting visions reveal a Catholic priest's sinister plot to silence her mother from speaking the truth about atrocities that occurred at a Native Indian boarding school. A supernatural thriller with cultural content, "Older Than America" speaks to the lasting impact of the cultural genocide that occurred at such schools throughout the United States and Canada."

Red Lake (Ontario) Woodland Arts Festival. July 4th, 5th, 6th, 2008.
"Red Lake Woodland Arts Festival: A Tribute to Norval Morrisseau and the Woodland Artists. The festival will take visitors on a special journey as they discover the untold story of the artist’s life, from 1959 when he arrived in Red Lake to work as a miner, to when he left the area around 1973, the father of seven children and internationally famous as the founder of the Woodland School of Art."

How-to make a pine-needle basket, at Mother Earth News.


My buddy, Ryan Mcmahon is posting Quicktime episodes of the Clarence Two Toes radio shows at, and posting the mp3 audio at Digital Drum.

Digital Drum
"... is a place for Aboriginal Cultural expression — for example: storytelling, media literacy, community traditions, activism and music."


Vermont Indians still not "Native enough", for the feds?

Vermont Commission on Native American Affairs

Northern Plains Indian Art Market (NPIAM). September 25-28, 2008, Sioux Falls, S.D. PDF application for NPIAM.


Canadian Aboriginal AIDS Network.

Native American owned company, Flintco, turns 100.
"... it listens in the present to the needs, hopes and suspicions of American Indian tribes, nations, bands, pueblos and rancherias."


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