Monday, July 21, 2008

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Park policy the very definition of irony.
"... I tried to gain permission to use a restricted gravel road to launch a canoe into a small lake southeast of Kenora, home to some of the best flatwater paddling on the planet.

The answer from the Ministry of Natural Resources: A flat no, since the route is reserved for logging and mining operations. Anyone who wants to paddle, hunt or fish in the semi-pristine territory simply can not use the road.

I offered to chop down a few pines and detonate a granite cliff or two during my weekend paddle, but the woman on the other end of line didn't think I was very funny..."

2009 14th Native American Film + Video Festival. Deadline August 15, 2008.

Tim Giago article; A Paradigm Shift in Indian Country.

Ontario Arts Council Aboriginal Arts Projects; September 15, 2008 deadline.

Dream of Native American Cultural Centre coming to fruition in Oklahoma.

41st annual Red Cloud Indian School Art Show,South Dakota, through August 10.
"All entries are admitted, judged and some are awarded. This year, more than $7,000 in cash prizes was awarded to more than 20 pieces, he said.
"It continues to be one of the best Indian art shows in the country and definitely in the Northern Plains. The reaction of the visitors is that the artists have stepped it up a notch," he said."

Professor's reburial of Native American remains earns international award. has launched. Until July 27, 2008, you can download all the free sci-fi E-books and wallpaper, that was part of their "Watch the skies" promotion.


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