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Ground hardens

Aboriginal Mapping Network
"(AMN) is a cooperative website that supports aboriginal and indigenous peoples facing similar issues such as land claims, treaty negotiations and resource development. Common tools, such as traditional use studies, GIS mapping and other information systems are used in a collaborative manner, benefiting users of the AMN."

The Yes Men have brought us the news that we need.

The New Trough
"The Wall Street bailout looks a lot like Iraq — a "free-fraud zone" where private contractors cash in on the mess they helped create."

Tony Hillerman; author, passed away October 26. NYT Obituary:
"For all the recognition he received, Mr. Hillerman once said, he was most gladdened by the status of Special Friend of the Dineh (the Navajo people) conferred on him in 1987 by the Navajo Nation. He was also proud that his books were taught at reservation schools and colleges.
"Good reviews delight me when I get them," he said. "But I am far more delighted by being voted the most popular author by the students of St. Catherine Indian school, and even more by middle-aged Navajos who tell me that reading my mysteries revived their children’s interest in the Navajo Way."

Former Chief wins Saskatchewan's highest honour.

First Nation groups attempt to crash Tory convention.
"About 50 Aboriginal protesters attempted to gain access to the Conservative Party policy convention held in Winnipeg to present a letter to Prime Minister Stephen Harper, Nov. 13... Defenders of the Land Gathering to strategize for recognition of land rights they say are not recognized by both provincial and federal jurisdictions..."

New report from congress: CIA lied about missionaries shot down over Peru.

Indian Affairs must heed indigenous voices on reform

Inuuit woman sworn in as Canada's Minister of Health

Indigenous activists address repatriation struggle.

Discovery Channel show, "First Nation" an affront to Haudenosaunee
"After much of the project was completed, the CEO who had approved the film was fired and a replacement brought in who hired a new editing team from Half Yard Productions and a non-Native script writer whose changes fundamentally altered the project's original vision..."

Skeleton of 12,000-year-old shaman discovered buried with leopard, 50 tortoises and human foot.

Drugs Found in Hair of Ancient Andean Mummies
"These individuals probably ingested harmine in therapeutic or medicinal practices, some maybe related to pregnancy and childbirth," said study co-author Juan Pablo Ogalde, a chemical archaeologist at the University of Tarapac√° in Arica, Chile..."

New study finds first inhabitants of Caribbean brought drug heirlooms with them.
"Heirlooms are portable objects that are inherited by family members and kept in circulation for generations, Fitzpatrick says, and are frequently part of important rituals. The objects tested for this study are ceramic inhaling bowls that were likely used for the ingestion of hallucinogenic substances. Fitzpatrick says the luminescence dates of the bowls, as well as analysis of the material from which the bowls were made, indicate that the artifacts "appear to have been transported to Carriacou when it was colonized - possibly hundreds of years after they were made..."

Small islands given short shrift in assembling archaeological record.
"In the short term, small islands often are superior to larger islands, and for a variety of reasons, they were actually people's first choice," Keegan said. "They had better wind flow, fewer mosquitoes and more plentiful marine resources. With sufficient water and a relatively small amount of land to grow certain kinds of crops, they had everything one would need..."

New Tim Giago articles:

Lies, Damned Lies and Statistics

Native American Ghost Stories

Mascots, Ignorance and Racism

Standing Tall for Native American Day


Wikipedia entry, for the "Indian Group of Seven".
"The Professional Native Indian Artists Incorporation, better known as the Indian Group of Seven, was a group of professional Indian artist from Canada, founded in November 1973.
The group combined forces to promote their art work and Indian art in general, into the world of western art and to a change the way the world looked at this art. A shift from an emphasis on "Indigenous (Native)" to "artistic" value.
The group consisted of Daphne Odjig, Alex Janvier, Jackson Beardy, Eddy Cobiness, Norval Morrisseau, Carl Ray and Joseph Sanchez..."

TVO's Big Ideas lecture series. Leanne Simpson of Athabasca University's Centre for World Indigenous Knowledge and Research delivers a lecture entitled, "Can Aboriginal Traditional Knowledge Survive in the Modern World? In downloadable audio and video formats.

A video "how-to" website with many beadworking instructional videos; WonderHowTo, jewelery subcategory.

An article about the 6th Annual Traditional Powwow, held at the Grand Rapids Public Museum.


Barriere Lake's List of Demands

Flickr page for Barriere Lake blockade.

November 20; Riot squad arrest 5 Algonquins, including Chief.
"Community youth spokesperson Marylynn Poucachiche, mother of five and organizer of the community school, was [also] arrested at one of the morning blockades after being reassured by police that no arrests would be made since protesters had agreed to leave peacefully.
Another community member was shoved to the ground and then kicked by several officers before he was arrested. "The police dragged him with his head on the ground all the way to the police car", said one observer..."

Video from October barricade.


Technology developed to train military personnel in foreign languages is being reworked to keep Native Languages alive. RezWorld currently supports Cherokee and needs input for other languages. If your Native tongue is a concern, consider checking it out.

Sorry; I missed listing the Winnipeg Aboriginal Film Festival, before it ran. November 19-23, 2008.

50-500 Art Show, Urban Shaman, Winnipeg, Manitoba. December 5-20, 2008.

Recent blog post from Richard Wagamese.

Drew Hayden Taylor gives Jay SilverHeels a nod. He's Canadian, dontcha know.

A review of Tomson Highway play, The Rez Sisters, now closed, at Magnuson Theatre, Thunder Bay.

Tlingit glass artist, Preston Singletary, showing at Traver Gallery in Tacoma until December 7.

Modern "ledger artist", Donald Montileaux, showing in Rapid City this December.
"By the 1860s, Montileaux said, the buffalo were gone and the tribes began trading with the settlers for used ledger books, the pages of which replaced hides as a canvas. From about 1860 to 1910, the tribal history was recorded and preserved through the use of ledger drawings..."

Choctaw ballerina Rosella Hightower passes away in France.

Three artists picked for the University of Victoria's First Peoples House.

Canada to host international meeting on the future of polar bears.

Interesting article (and pics) about Native artists pushing the boundaries. James Luna and Guillermo Gomez-Pena.

Native Earth Theatre in Toronto presents A Very Polite Genocide December 6-21, 2008.

National Museum of the Amarican Indian art grants, upcoming.

The Indian Arts Research Center in Santa Fe has fellowship application deadlines approaching.

Buffy St. Marie honoured with lifetime achievement award.

Another Native blog, Radical Indian!

New Writers Guild caucus finds a dozen Native writers working in Hollyweird. Expected more.

French exhibition looking at Native American influence on the work of Jackson Pollock.

Quick look at Mayan art, classical period.

Native American Council of Columbia University, school blog.

Native Performance artist, Skeena Reece shakes up audience at NMAI.

Review of Makah cultural education and B&B.

First Nation uses ground penetratin radar (GPR) to relocate lost graves.

Restaurant focussing on Native American food receives high honours.

"Stolen" petroglyph returned by museum.

Priceless Native American artifact collection saved by squatter, from demolition.

Interesting article, response to Dick Pound racist remark.

Tracking unmarked graves at residential schools. Hunt begins for long-missing students.

Vandalism damages Yakima Valley's rock art.

Metis choreographer/dancer, Yvonne Chartrand.

Tale of economic survival paints grim picture of Navajo weavers.
"several artisans who share their stories of cultural continuity and pride in a new documentary... Weaving Worlds also reveals the often controversial relationship with Anglo traders and the challenges of maintaining aspects of a traditional lifestyle..."

St. Paul Museum of American Art is closing.

Yes. I will post deer hunting pics and story, shortly. Still have a few tags left.


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