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Gems ("Nanodiamonds")Point to Comet as Answer to Ancient Riddle
"...A thriving culture of Paleo-Americans, known as the Clovis people, vanished seemingly overnight. Gone, too, were most of the largest animals... impact hypothesis explains three major things that have been enigmatic and not particularly resolvable."
Those three things are the extinction of the megafauna, the disappearance of the Clovis culture and the climate change of the Younger Dryas (ice age extension)..."

National Geographic's: Top 10 Archaeology finds of 2008.

Here is an idea for a belated Xmas present, for me and the Bingorage: Haida carving knives.

Climate change solved? "Backyard" nuclear power.

Job opening: Native American Public Telecommunications, ASSISTANT DIRECTOR. "Applicant review begins January 16."

Hunter S. Thompson motivational posters.

43 reasons we won't miss pres. Bush.

Great Old Fishing Photos Gallery. Includes Zane Grey and Hemingway.

Upcoming battle over "Native appointment" to Canadian Senate:
Patrick Brazeau's Senate appointment comes as no surprise, observers say. Stephen Harper's administration has been under fire for making numerous senate appointments in the last few weeks, considering his promises about senate reform and threat of unseating by coalition government.
... "People are wondering how much this is a recognition that the Congress supported Stephen Harper's party when they first became government and how much of it is a snub at the other national chief," said Barnsley, referring to Assembly Grand Chief Phil Fontaine...

Circle of trust: Prison resource officer just talks to inmates. Using "talking circles" in prison.

NATIVE RIGHTS UNDER LOCK & KEY. Rally in Ottawa today (January 7) to support Barriere Lake Algonquins and imprisoned chief. Rally in Quebec tommorrow.

Help plant a million 'Native' trees in the Peruvian Andes.

Ottawa considering turning grants into loans for aboriginal students.
"... Statistics Canada reported this month that the employment rate for aboriginal people who have not graduated high school is 50 per cent, but it jumps to 80 per cent for those with a post-secondary education..."

Fly-fishing blog; The Trout Underground

Native Americans in Philanthropy
"... organization that promotes, facilitates and celebrates philanthropic giving to Native communities from both Native and non-Native donors. NAP also provides professional development opportunities and support for Native Americans working in the field of philanthropy."


Video of "eviction demonstration" in Vancouver, March 2008; Squamish peoples serve eviction notice, from Squamish lands, upon Christian churches for not fully addressing crimes of the residential school period.


Ipperwash, official racism and the future of Ontario. Land and Jail 1, Land and Jail 2.

New Tim Giago articles:

"... Without the language, the spirituality of the people would have died... Perhaps the missionaries knew this better than anyone else..."

Yes Virginia, There is a BIA.

Native Colleges: America's Best Kept Secret.

Indian Country Looks to Tom Daschle for Help

Great Canadian song: Diamond Mine; by Blue Rodeo. I really love this song.


Review of new show, Rabbit Fall, from the makers of Moccasin Flats. RF just finished its second season; I will be looking for it, now that I've seen this review.
"Rabbit Fall is based around the fictional northern community of Rabbit Fall where many super natural stories occur through the intense drama that unfolds... (Police constable) Tara (Wheaton) has been dispatched to this community but soon discovers the cases she’s taking on aren’t your average B and E’s (break and enters) or domestic abuse issues. Instead she spends her time trying to catch Weetigos or solving mysterious plagues or finding medicine men that disappear. These are just some of the strange happenings around Rabbit Fall that drive her to the brink of insanity..."



Eighth Festival of Native Film & Culture. Agua Caliente Cultural Museum, March 4 - 8, 2009. [Deadline was November, 2008.]

Native Art articles resource; Native American Representational Art.

Free, huge, hi-res Earth-image downloads. True Marble.

2009 Native Radio Theater Call for Scripts. Press release PDF download. Deadline: February 13, 2009.

Indigenous World Film FestivalJanuary 9/10/2009-Alaska Native Heritage Center. Flier PDF download.

Saskatchewan Native Theatre presents: Velvet Devil. February 5, 2009.
"... Andrea Menard tells the story of the fictional Jazz singer Velvet Laurent, a gifted rebellious girl from Saskatoon who ran away to Toronto to become a star. Twelve years later, the famous singing sensation of stage and radio returns to her secret M├ętis roots accompanied by a flood of music, images, and feelings that have been locked away far too long..."

Another Native Blog: Unofficial News and Events of the Spokane Tribe.

5'th Annual Native Media Summit, March 31, 2009 in Portland, Oregon.
"... Participate in opportunities for staff development, skill building, networking, inspiration, new ideas, discussions and exchanges..."

Minnesota's 150th birthday is viewed through American Indian eyes in a show at Ancient Traders Gallery. Minneapolis MN, through January 24, 2009.

Another Native blog; "Make No Bones About It".

NATIONAL MUSEUM OF THE AMERICAN INDIAN Indigenous Contemporary Arts Program, 2009-2010. Deadline; January 15, 2009.

Any Native Filmmakers willing to submit contact information to a networking database (in progress) for Native Filmmakers wanting to collaborate with other interested Native Filmmakers are now invited to reply to this post, or e-mail-
I have been contacted by some veteran Native Filmmakers who are interested in bridging the gaps within the Native Filmmaking community. This is in the interest of forming an understanding betwixt Natives interested in film, who would like to begin establishing a place for Natives in the movie industry while defining that place for ourselves. I hope this message finds you well, and that you might be willing to pass this along to any and all who you might consider interested. Thank you for your time folks!
N R Long Soldier


Stolen handcrafted flutes are returned

Listing of "Native festivals and awards".

Native actor appearing in 2 Sundance premiers. Patrick D. Shining Elk; in La Mission and The Only Good Indian.

Another Native Blog; Native Talent

Are you tough enough for the official Russell Means website?

Litchfield, Arizona Native Arts Festival. DATES: January 10 & 11, 2009

WestHaven Centre For The Arts; Native Arts and Culture. January 4 - February 22, 2009.

NAMMY winner, Jana Mashonee

Native Art Blog; Red Earth Arts Photo Design.

Southern Cloud blends his native religion with art. Up through March 5, 2009, Lansing Michigan.

Another Native blog; Kumeyaay.

Crystal Shawanda the biggest winner at Canadian Aboriginal Music Awards.

Native Art blog; Eaglesbrother's Gourds and Art.

Blog for gallery specialising in Northwest Coast Art; Lattimer Gallery

Native blog; Sad Red Earth.

The Toronto Sun polled some prominent Natives to compile an Aboriginal Wishlist

Online Native arts store; Prairie Edge

The city of Tacoma has commissioned a giant carved wooden figure for public installation.
"... the sculpture will be placed in a grassy area near South 17th Street and Pacific Avenue... The sculpture, which will be carved from Old Growth Cedar from the Quinault Rain Forest, will stand 18 feet tall and atop a four foot pedestal. It will be designed by Puyallup tribal artist Shaun Peterson and master carver Greg Colfax of the Makah Nation..."

Native American Donald Montileaux takes up art. Now 60, took up art 5 years ago.

2009 Native American Student Artist Competition. Deadline is Jan. 16, 2009

Mohawk Artist Honored for His Work
"... has been making traditional Native American costumes since he was a boy. Bill Loran was recently honored by Traditional Arts in Upstate New York for his contribution to the local culture of the region..."


Awesome beadwork!!! Dig those shoes. TERI GREEVES page, at Jane Sauer Gallery.

Kiowa bead artist, Teri Greeves beadwork. "Great Lakes Girls".
Teri Greeves beadwork. Great Lakes Girls.

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