Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Closed walleye season

Technically, as an Ahnishnahbeh "Indian Band" member of Grand Treaty #3 with "status", I do not have to absolutely refrain from fishing during the closed walleye season. There are those who exercise their treaty rights to harvest fish for personal use at this time... and I wholeheartedly support their right.
However, I also recognise and respect the reason for the closed season and will wait until the third Saturday in May to bring in the most-favoured meal... walleye!

Until then, sit back, look at these pictures and weep;
for Dad and I are the walleye kings.

I'd like to thank Rainy Lake Sports in Fort Frances for letting us use their scales. We get much of our tackle and bait there. (Pics click to enlarge, see video below.)





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willie said...

so, hows the season going then? i haven't been soaking any lures yet, although the fish traps have been productive, especially during the pike and perch romance season. (a short window and it happened early this year due to warm temps). i'm heading to the cabin this week to try my luck. i just got use of a row boat and a boat spot on shore in town so i'll be able to spend even more time rinsing lures and drowning bait.