Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Post-zoto? linky post

It seems like the team at Zoto have been moved to act. According to their temporary support page, they had a big hardware crash, but all is not lost:"
Last Wednesday we lost two drives out of our RAID controller on our NAS that houses all the photos on the system. This is typically a "VERY BAD THING"... I'm working on restoring the service on Amazon's services. I started moving photos and code over a few months ago, and we have about 80% of the photos backed up on Amazon's S3 storage service. Given I don't run into any boogers, I should have the service back up by this weekend, less about 20% of everyone's photos, and 100% of any photos uploaded in the last month..."

So, while current and archived blog photos hosted by Zoto are completely fracked at the moment, they may return. That would be less than catastrophic, while things recently looked apocalyptic. I guess that they do not suck so much, anymore, there. Maybe.


Scientists determine that ancient Maya practiced forest conservation -- 3,000 years ago(

New and reduced honouring of the Jay Treaty, by USA. Sure to change again and repeatedly.

Make your voice heard, Canadians! Check out the Canadian copyright consultation website and give your opinion.deadline: September 13, 2009.

What every American should be made to learn about the IG Torture Report [+and Canadians]. What a little drowning, smoke, threats of rape and torture unto death between ideological opponents?


Stolen Native Art alert! Tony Hunt "Raven".

tonyhunt raven,stolen art,wood carving,tony hunt


Nenana artist grapples with ethnic identity. (Anchorage Daily News)
"In an artist's statement, Lord says that with the "Un/Defined Self-Portrait" series, "I attempt to challenge viewers' perceptions of what 'Native' looks like as well as demonstrate the flexible or shifting space I identify with as a mixed-race Alaska Native."

Good article about the disappearing art of "birchbark biting".

Native Art blog, Erik Wilder - Native Art Designs.

Sci-Fi film shot in First Nation language being filmed in BC.

Trickster artist pushes boundaries of Northwest Coast art. (

New Chief elected to head Canada's Assembly of First Nations.

New Native film; A Windigo Tale.

Making Art Out Of a Plain Wood Fence. (

Bear trap in Quetico Park "rest stop".
bear trap,BingoRage brokenvultureart

New dam in Quetico Park? WTF?
quetico park dam,BingoRage brokenvultureart

BingoRage brokenvultureart,digital art


This is the second song, in the series; United Breaks Guitars.


Olympic Venues to Showcase Aboriginal Art(

Incan Painting of the Spanish Colonial Period(Curator's Corner blog) This was an especially interesting find. The Spanish "baroque" style of painting was transferred to Incan artists during the colonial occupation.

How to make paper beads. (

Interesting beadwork post, illustrating how to bead bezels for crystals. (Inspirational Beading blog)

Navajo golfer, Notah Begay III, hosting charity golf event on August 24. Tiger Woods, Camilo Villegas and Mike Weir playing the Notah Begay III Foundation Challenge.

Journalist tips for using YouTube, productively.

Good article reviewing prehistory of the Great Lakes First Nations peoples. Ancient People of the Great Lakes (

International Indian Treaty Council newsletter. Upcoming annual conference in Panama, August 29-31, 2009.

Northwest Coast artist, Nicholas Galanin website. Easily, the most interesting pieces that I saw there, were the book-carving masks. Very cool.

Planet IndigenUs fest at harbourcentre in Toronto, until August 23.

Native American Music News ("Sponsored by Canyon Records.").

New, young Native artist off to Native Art school.

Visionmaker Video Contest; this year's theme "Elder Voices, Youth Choices". Deadline: Sept. 1, 2009

Fed crackdown puts tribal artifact dealers on edge (

Review of Kent Monkman's "Danceto the Berdache". (The


First Nations women unite with farmers, cottagers to fight dump; defend water. (Indian Country Today)

Stop Dumpsite 41. Simcoe County, Ontario seeking to pollute its water; others think that this is a bad idea.


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