Wednesday, July 04, 2012

The Harpooneer , Jonah-Fly & “July First, 2012”

The Harpooneer , Jonah-Fly & “July First, 2012”

- The Harpooneer

The Harpooneer is not the protagonist of his novel, Moby Dick. Neither, is he, the villain. He is a shadow figure, a “hired gun” brought on board for his skills, and for his cultural distance from the rest of the crew.

As he sinks, he glances upwards and beholds Ahab, backlit and merciless. The final stab at hope is lost as his knife flutters and flashes away; the ropes, fresh and rotten, hold fast. He thought that the birchbark would be the last thing seen, but it was the sky, of course.

Ahab and the crew only saw flashes of a fluttering blade, then there was nothing.

The great Sturgeon is bleeding profusely from her belly, but she has been injuried, very badly before. The fresh harpoon point is also bleeding, but slowing. The hook in her lip is ancient and unreproducible.

- Jonah-Fly

Barbless Scud – Fly 4 Halibut w/ Jonah – Bait

If this is a Trout – hook, then the man is very, very tiny; approximately 1/4 inch tall. Surely some sort of synthetic bait.

If it is a Halibut-sized fishhook, then the man is most likely a native North-American elf species, or whatever those Northwest Coast Empires called them. How do you say “fairy” in Kwagiulth, or Haida?

If the man is man-sized, then the hook is intended for a leviathan on the scale of Kaiju; Godzilla and Cloverfield-sized prey. No whale, dinosaur, mosasaur or shark, living or extinct has ever been large enough to bite this hook. If something bites this hook and you are on the other end of the “mono”, then your civilisation just fucked-up, bad.

Either, the man is about to die, or there is some unknown tech/GenMod at work; in order that he not drown. Also, there must be some neutral-buoyancy measure in the “fly-tie material”.

Perhaps the “monofilament” is some sorta super “gel-spun” line; #2TrillionTest .

- July 01, Canada Day, 2012

This is the first pass at my 2012 downtown Fort Frances art project, on the historic Rainy Lake Hotel, on Scott St. I will continue to document the progress of this project throughout the summer, perhaps streaming live, while painting and installing the monumental papier-mache multimedia piece. I am vending and displaying there, Thursdays throughout the summer (weather permitting). “Smallmouth at Stream Bottom” (working title). I am planning to have the work done by the time of the 2012 FFCBC (Fort Frances Canadian Bass Championship); in order to publicise and fundraise for a monumental multi-element bronze and granite sculpture installation.


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