Tuesday, June 21, 2016

#BingoRageStudio VS. #TheUnknownArtistOfGlowfair2016


       Hey there, new BingoRagers. This is the bad-language version of my #GlowFair2016. Parents can find safe version of the #publicart project video at this link.  :)  But; please stay and check out the weirdness, below.

     From “behind not-quite-enemy-lines-more-like-behind quasi-symbiotic-relationship lines” at the #GlowFairFestival (TM)? {ERIC; get correct twitter citation.}; #Ottawa, rather than the “front lines of...”, which would imply some legitimacy. The shocking truth, as it is being revealed to me, about #GlowFair2016 (TM)?

        Or perhaps, the right question is not, what possible troubles and interests did I stir at GlowFair. The immediate question, is: How big a trouble did I just get myself in, with the neighbour?

          I’ll type the short explanation, then fill in the rest, but maintain the right to my fresh recollection. I arrived back from GlowFair Festival; via QCH(TM) Hospital, where I visited my Dad, for about 15 minutes (12:06?am should be on parking pass log), at about12:40 – 12:45 am.

        The front door was locked at XXX CheerfulSardineLane, where I reside. I looked inside and saw light, but noone moving, the window does not permit easy viewing, but I wasn’t worried about the door being locked, although it is the first time I can recall being locked out. I rang the doorbell, the dog barked and noone answered. I thought that the voices I heard from the backyard were from our back yard. I entered our yard, by reaching over the gate arch, which is hard, but opened on 2’nd try. The noise was from two yards over, or next door. All I heard, at first were women’s voices. I entered the back door around 12:45 am.

      The male neigbour arrived after 1 a.m.’ish? As I write this sentence, it say 1:53 am on my phone.

      He said he was from (216? blah blah). Said he was really social, but blah blah, “two little girls”...

       I had been listening to their music for half an hour or so, giving up on my archaic 32-bit former Vista (TM) box that Google (TM) refuses to make a Chrome (TM) browser for, now. Suck it you Linux (TM) box losers still trying to shake some worth out of that LomgHorn lapTop (TM). Allegedly, I used beer and (TM) , after talking to my neighbour (other side) about his telescope, the moon and Mars(TM) .

       Anyways... after male neighbour with the smooth line of shit basically shut down a really awesome evening, warm, filled with stars, a full moon, the closest Mars in decades and Motley Crue(TM) . WTF?

     Instead of being as cool as I was feeling after the #GlowFairFestival, which was aaawesooooome. Yay (story, next.), I basically came off as a creeper next door that nobody recognised. I have been introduced to a “Txxxxy? From next door” a few times, but could not recognise her in the dark and she was either not there, or refusing to vouch for me in the sudden creepstink that smoothguy (TM) was casting.

     I pulled my shit inside and write this testimony, with mounting certainty about the coming break-in and appletini-waterboarding (TM). Until then, let me tell you about Glow Fair 2016 {Eric! Research}

       Okay. Right out in frontstreet. No smartassing around. No working some sorta old Ojibberish routine. Not with #MissLoontrout (TM), The Crack-Penguins (TM) and Nanabush (public domain) breaking big... but, not quite at #GlowFair2016.

    Okay. Here it is, no more e...I think that I just crashed the GlowFair Festival (TM).


     It went really, really well  :)  (after the deathmarch of the one to 5’ish holiday hours). In the cool light of evening I met with many people and was given the opportunity to discuss my art with some random folks.

      I was set up, “off-Bank St.” ; not out of some standoffishness, just a sorta paracticality. I assumed that there had been a process and that, I had to miss it.

       But I wished to participate in a #publicart event of this coolness magnitude. I abandoned the black foamcore painting that I had started the evening before, and dumpstered a sketch of some sort from the immediate neighbourhood and inititiated a collaboration with this unknown artist.

      The sketch of a hand was made with a neon yellow ink of some sort, with some red marker. If you recognise it, please accept my sincere collaboration.  :)

   I’ll keep the vid short.  I just dumped the pics from my phone. It was a really great day, overall. I made some new friends and I think that I impressed some folks.

      I think that my setup traded traffic, for randomness and word of mouth. My new friend Liz really helped me out in the heat of the afternoon. Thanks, Liz.

     As my contribution to the #OttawaGlowFairFestival, #OttawaPublicArt TM and #CanadianCulture; I crashed it in a loving way, behaved in an informative and rational manner and tried to not be a nuisance. I am a recycler and friend to small animals.

     This video is a gift and a penance, but remember what happened to Caravaggio, after painting his gift and penance.  :)

    If I promised you a link to information about the ravishing #MissLoonTrout and her tragic “procedures”...   She loves my #mixedmedia and gets my horrifying #WilliamSBurroughs references.


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Eric C. Keast; early fishing indoctrination, circa 1972.

#CutFootFleesWithTheBeast (Homage to #Guernica),
early iterations video.

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