Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Invoking the Podcast First Nation

I've been listening to many podcasts, lately and am intrigued by its possibilities.

I hardly ever put music in my Mp3 player; it has become very much like a customised Public-Radio station and self-directed University course of study, combined.

I hope to begin exploring and broadcasting a regular podcast of my own, shortly. In a way, the medium reminds me of the possibilities of "pirate-radio", self-expression and community-building, hinted at in Pump Up The Volume (way back in the old days [1990]). It was a bit cheesy, but prescient of the impending podcast wave.

Some of my current podcast faves:

EscapePod; "Sci-Fi" genre short stories and flash fiction.
PseudoPod; "Horror" genre short stories and flash fiction.
Skeptoid"Skeptoid takes on the toughest challenges to the realm of reason and rationality."
Barfly"Stories of loss, love and liquor."
Spider Robinson speaks. A new podcast from Sci-Fi writer and musician Spider Robinson. Current essays and a "posthumouis collaboration" with Robert Heinlein.
Crescent Sci-Fi podcast novel set at "haunted" space station.
The Infidel Guy.
Scott Sigler; Awesome thriller/sci-fi/gore/adventure audio novels and short story podcasts!
Changesurfer Radio; Transhumanist news and interviews.[Transhumanism]


Some resources for those who are interested in trying podcasting:
Podcasting legal-guide, Canada.
Podcasting legal-guide, USA

Free, open-source audio editing software, Audacity.Necessary Mp3 encoder download for the Audacity software.

Levelator; a free tool for balancing poor audio levels.

Odeo.Com; One of many free podcast-hosting and directory services.

List of Podsafe Music Resources and other podcast stuff.

Podcast Underground; podcasting tips.

Building a "backpack puppet", out of the Grandma Moon mask and PVC pipe (pics click to enlarge), for the "Lost Treasures" event in Kenora, Ontario; October 4, 2007. I will create a gallery for the materials produced for the event and post it in the sidebar and upcoming posting, shortly.

Initial Bingorage posting about the event.





Grandma Moon mask backpack puppet. Papier mache sculpture. Bingorage studio. Broken Vulture ArtGrandma Moon mask backpack puppet. Papier mache sculpture. Bingorage studio. Broken Vulture Art

Grandma Moon mask backpack puppet. Papier mache sculpture. Bingorage studio. Broken Vulture ArtGrandma Moon mask backpack puppet. Papier mache sculpture. Bingorage studio. Broken Vulture Art

Grandma Moon mask backpack puppet. Papier mache sculpture. Bingorage studio. Broken Vulture Art

The paintjob isn't finished yet.

Random resources, news and stuff:

Using Hubble 'scope data, embryonic planets have been imaged in another solar system.
"...a disk of gritty dust usually surrounds forming stars, and provides the raw material for planet building. The cloud of dust thins as the system ages, but if enough dust has clumped together, the "embryonic planet," as Quillen calls it, will knock the dust and grit into ever-more eccentric orbits. Over time, this will cause an otherwise razor-thin disk to appear puffed up."

Get the interview download, for Apache film producer, Dustinn Craig.

Keep your eyes open!

The scamming of Canadian elders for their residential schools payments has begun.


The Importance of Being Evo Morales
"... By the time I met and spoke with him on the third and final day of my time tracking him, I, like the growing number of those nominating him for the Nobel Peace Prize, believed him when he looked at you and said things like, "We do not have a vengeful mentality" or "We must build a culture of life"; and I also understood why my white Cuban friend, the U.S. State Department, Vargas Llosa and a slew of others criticize Morales with such intensity: fear.

They fear him not only because he is indigenous, not only because he is a leftist in the presidential palace with a massive base of support across the entire insurgent continent; they fear him because his public and private persona, his gentle charisma and ethical approach forces them -- and us -- to look at the long history of violence and hate buried in our individual and collective subconscious, our top-down notions of political -- and personal -- modernity. He forces us all to look at the inner Conquistador -- and the inner Indio..."

New musical, telling the story of traditional fishing grounds lost to river development.
..."Jim was kidnapped at Celilo Falls when he was eight years old and taken to the Warm Springs Indian Boarding School," says Tom Hampson, executive director of the Oregon Native American Business Network, who helped Ross arrange the interviews and develop the play's story. "He never gave up hope to return to the river, his relatives and the falls. By the time he graduated, the falls were gone."

Set amid the traditional fishing platforms of Celilo Falls and at the boarding school where Native American children were forced to abandon their traditional language and culture, "The Ghosts of Celilo" is essentially a love story told within a mystery about spiritual reconciliation."

It's election time in Ontario, Canada.

Check out First People's Vote.

Ontario referendum; there will be a referendum vote on the ballot, polling a switch to a mixed proportional representation. I think it is a good idea, but check it out for yourself.


Another Native blog; Pudgy Indian :-)
"As one of a gazillion survivors of genocide, it is amazing how folks manage to survive in this world gone INSANE! This blog is one of many things I do to not only keep myself sane, but in hopes of effecting some sort of change in the world, whether or not I am allotted the privilege of seeing it."

Language diversity decreasing in North America and worldwide.


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Dear Bingorage,

I am writing to invite you to participate in Bloggers for MMP , a project of the Vote for MMP campaign to help raise awareness about the need for change, the referendum, the question and why voters should support MMP.

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Yours truly
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