Saturday, July 20, 2013

Mars or bust


#ELE420  Chapter03

"Mars or bust."

      So. The last chapter of  #ELE420 ended with the destruction of the moon and the beginning of the journey to Mars. Even with our advanced technology, it will still be a month-long trip in the good ship "Lollipop". Neila has made a strong move, however, sabotaging the big red buttons; the ship won't last out the hour, as things are.

     Our regiment of handpicked "moral-responsibility"-trained spacebitch repopulation volunteers is reeling from the revelation that they have to service the engineers, as well as the other human repopulation volunteers.

     Eric, the self-appointed captain is reeling from apparent hallucinations; terrifying visitations by a creepy, tiny, pointy, scaly, overtouchy little pervert.

      Zzorhn is suffering from occasional bouts of Turkish language and spacebitch scheduling conflicts.

     Z, built  and painted the spaceship by himself, with some design input and detailing from Eric. I photographed the model from several angles against a dark green sheet and was able to create our "launch videos" and moon landscapes integrating the ZABR-"Lollipop".

      Fiddling with the brightness and colour controls made it easier to make the "greenscreen" effect. A brighter, more uniformly coloured sheet would probably work better, but cost money. :P

     The ship was hung with clear monofilament labelled "invisible thread", suspended by hook-screws in my ceiling.

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