Thursday, September 26, 2013

The galaxy is imploding. That's okay, though.

[ The three canvases, below, have been worked-upon in the last month, at #BingoRageStudio in #FortFrances. "The Former PPP canvas", "Giant Pike Hunt", and "Sky Battle".)

There is a chance that I am oversimplifying the matter, but the galaxy is imploding. In a sort of fashion. But... That is OK, because it may keep the outermost stars of galaxies from being flung into the intergalactic medium, without having to give in to the ridiculousness of "dark matter".

Right. What?

This article concludes that the super-massive black holes at the heart of most (if not all) galaxies are not only eating physical matter (gas, dust, stars), but devouring the actual "fabric of space", spacetime. (Search youtube for "Brian Green(e?) fabric". Watch and get schooled.)

If spacetime is being devoured at the centre of most (or all) galaxies, is it flowing inwards, or just spawning new spacetime at a very local horizon near the black hole?

I think that the Gravity Probe B #framedragging experiment that helped confirm an Einsteinian prediction about the interaction of matter (the Earth) and the "fabric of space" proves that space can be pulled by matter/gravity and supports the idea of a "friction" between the spacetime and the matter of the galactic disk.
This may be very useful to help hold our position on the spinning galactic carousel,
held in place by a torrent of spacetime concentrated in the region of our galaxy and headed straight for our ravenous, supermassive black hole.

If we could see it rushing by, we might have to officially shit ourselves as a species.

Soon, we may see a huge chunk of real matter get eaten up by the SMBH. It will feed on a huge instellar cloud of gas.
There are still light echoes bouncing around the local cosmos, from the last time it ate this much real matter, some 50 years ago (from our perspective, but not in the visible spectrum).

This is an odd relief to me, on a purely cerebral level.

I do not like dark matter. I do not like it, Sam I Am. I would prefer that it need not exist, but I will accept a reduced role for it in the overall galactic schema; neutrinos exist, do we need any more dark matter? Maybe neutrinos feel the same "friction" with the torrent of spacetime that normal matter does and can be held onto by their galaxies by that mechanism rather than gravitationally. Not-so-dark matter.

If a galaxy can be thought of as the extended, turbulent accretion disc of matter and its prison of flowing concentrated spacetime draining into a supermassive black hole, then the need for dark matter to "gravitationally-anchor the outermost stars in fast spinning galaxies, is reduced/gone.

"To escape the gravitational clutches of our galaxy, a spaceship would need to zoom out of our solar system and hit 537 kilometres per second. For context, a rocket needs to roar off at just 11.2 kilometres per second to escape Earth's gravity..." (New Scientist:Stars' escape velocity shows how to exit the Milky Way. 23 September 2013 by Anil Ananthaswamy)

The outermost stars may not so much be "in the grip of the galaxy's complement of dark matter's gravity", but rather occupy "standing waves/lagrange point sorta spots" in the rushing current of spacetime, concentrating and flowing into and through the galaxy. This would affect if not help account for dark energy and the apparent expansion of the universe.

Just send me the Nobel when it's confirmed. Try to make it by the end of January.


motel arrest and phantom of the opera

I am wondering how it is that people always seem to get arrested at motels. Well, there and hotels and cheap apartments, mostly. But motels, alot.

I sit, type, listen to the25 year celebration of Phantom Of The Opera at Royal Albert Hall, smile stupidly at my complex little brain dioramas of sock puppetry and wait for the inevitability of being arrested in this room, eventually. That just doesn't feel like a healthy thought. Maybe I should write about something else.

The Phantom is played by Ramin Karimloo (Canadian). His voice is not the most unique instrument. It's real strength in his performance, superb, difficult phrasing married to a complex, fully communicated character. He inhabits the body of a rigid, introverted, auteur... genius trapped in a body of extraneous horror, lifelong social isolation and ordinary nerdiness, posing as the villainous ubermensch.


If I were a priest, then there would be an altar boy under the couch. If I were a politician, it would be a dead hooker in the washroom.
I'm a broke artist, however, and I am sitting in front of a live video camera, bright lights and an expensive microphone in this cheap motel room. I am feeling creative, but I have just discovered that
I have forgotten my sock puppets. That is what prompted the flash of guilt that triggered the morbid motel arrest daydreams that fueled this portion of the blogpost. Also brought to you by the letter, Omega.

What am I going to do without puppets? I could reasonably shoot a porno with this setup. Most of the combined #ZzorhnAndBingoRage library has been shot with less.

If I put a blast out in FB for volunteers, I wonder if I would get any hits.
I really could get myself arrested if I try.


The performance of Sierra Boggess, as Christine Daae is also impressive, having been honed with several productions and long association with the characters from “Love Never Dies” and #Phantom. Mostly singing with Karimloo; her character conveys deep empathy with "her angel" and inner conflict, choosing that putz Raoul over the Phantom.

Presumably, she quits singing and starts pumping out heirs, then. Putz is a Viscomte.

10 pm. No cops. How do you monetize porn when it's all free on the internet? Sell tickets to live shows at the arena? These folks at Royal Albert Hall really know how to clap. I bet they paid a grip.

Colm Wilkinson looks scared of that Australian, Warlow. Some onstage bear pheromone thing. I bet they're all jealous of that Joback kid. Owen-Jones look like he has either got girl scouts or pool boys under the gazebo.


There's a new gold rush going on in Maine. Baby eels to seed Asian aquaculture. The local Tribes are seeking to cash in on the exploitation, too.

They need to sit down and hammer out a shared quota for a sustainable harvest.


Wild, scattergun conspiracy-hollerin' , on tap. #AlexJones
Government disinformation voice, credulous patsy, boy crying "wolf" or "nutjob"?
He endangers us by desensitising us to the grim realities of the world; when truths are so easily buried in indiscriminate garbage.

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