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The Once and Current Canvas and Regional Economic Development

{Update September 12, 2013:
Photo of significant iteration point, for this work.}
September 12, 2013. #BingoRageStudio , #FortFrances, NW Ontario.
The canvas, formerly known as... "The Pither's Point Park 'slash' Relay Canvas"
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This canvas was originally stretched and background painted during the #FortFrances "Relay For Life" event and the composition begun during the arrival of the #DavidThompsonBrigade that same weekend.

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The once and former Pither's Point Park (PPP), at Google maps.

The currently-white portion of the painting is a rough, overhead view of the PPP peninsula.

Hey there, BingoRagers. You may remember (or, probably not) the previous BingoRage post, in which I advocated that the Town of Fort Frances, in collaboration with Couchiching First Nation, Grand Council Treaty #3, The OPP and Treaty #3 police forces and local community members declare:

a) the parcel of land currently/formerly known as Pither's Point Park (PPP) as a Special Economic Zone, where cannabis ("marijuana") use, sale, taxation, farming, research, transport, sharing, receiving, eating and discussion-of, is legal and encouraged.
b) And that before the impending avalanche of cannabis legalisation goes forth, we cash in on the special status of this property, by advertising and encouraging "cannabis-tourism", which will necessarily be serviced by existing and new local business infrastructure.

Recent news events lead me to believe that it is worthwhile, economically (potentially a winfall), for our community and region to respond to an economic demand, emerging tourism potential and changing legal landscape in the USA and Canada, by taking the lead in Cannabis Tourism. Before everybody else does it.

Colorado and Washington are looking like the tip of the iceberg, after the recently announced"change of enforcement priorities" in the USA attorney general's office. Of course, that announcement has been viewed as tantamount to a change of course, towards decriminilisation, at the federal level, by supporters and emergent policy enemies alike, of the US administration.

July 2008

September 2013

[After the first weekend with this canvas, most of the current elements and characters of the painting were already in place, except for the sculptures. The bird figure, however, is essentially in its current form, day one.]

An updated abstract (current iteration) of my proposal:

a) everyone (FF and CFN) give up pursuit of "ownership" and resist any emerging provincial and/or federal efforts to resolve the property's ownership or give/sell it. Right now, it exists in a grey area between claims being legally determined/litigated. The town's lease is up, but they want to keep it, because. The lease's wording leaves the property to Treaty #3, but is generally thought of as being associated with the First Nations of the Rainy Lake area, particularly CFN.

b) Everyone with a stake in the disposition of the property declare the former PPP (Town of Fort Frances, you're just gonna haveta suck that one up.) a territory with the same rules as outside, BUT that the sale, possession, use, trade, growing-of, giving, transporting, sharing, doing, being, inhalation, eating or drinking of, etc. is legal and encouraged ; with reasonable provisos like age of consent (how about 19, like alcohol, and the brain has done most of its bodily growth and development and is ready for higher learning.) and no driving while intoxicated, with recognition of a non-intoxicated level of use (ala ".08 BAC", for alcohol, except performance and assessment-based). No bullshit definition of "intoxicated", either; like blood tests that score positive for months afterward. That is just cheating and stupid-mean.

c) We increase the prices for out-of-town campers to stay in the park and manage it like a high end resort; that's jobs in reservations and billing, service and maintenance, checkout enforcement and cheerful security. Keep the use-of and enjoyment of the park for locals and walk-ins free. Sell them things... like food and art. Keep the limited number of camping sites and resist the pressure (temptation) to bulldoze it flat and divide it into many little rentable squares. Say "sustainable economic development" three times, very slowly. Then think of the spinoff money that will flow into the communities as minnows are oxygenated, meals served, gasoline and firewood are purchased. Eventually, a resort lodge, a cultural centre and affordable artist-studios development can coexist on the property, without forcing out other interests.

d) Split the profits throughout the region. Treat it like the American states and gambling on USA Tribal Lands: The tribe owns and (preferably) manages the Special Economic Zone (instead of a casino) and splits the profits with the other First Nations of the region (not just immediate tribal members) and local townships are given "Infrastructure grants in lieu of taxes"; that sorta thing. Local First Nations and townships are grateful to participate, respond with smart economic investment and growth and not be assholes.

e) If legalisation eventually comes to Canada as a whole, then the initial experience with the SEZ can provide real-world experience of police-citizenry interaction for individual police officers, police force institutions and the judicial system; as opposed to the usual harassment, gassing, tazing, beating, shooting, arresting and imprisoning (sprinkled with physical and psychological torture) of cannabis users.
I know that the punishment freaks out there are spitting mad at me, for that last sentence.
It was a cheap shot, but you need to admit that you are not harmed by your neighbour's smoking of cannabis.

If he, or she, robs you, then that is burglary. If he or she shoots you, that is murder, not a side effect of legal cannabis.

If he or she rapes you, then they are likely drunk or high on coke, speed, pcp or some other uppers and is guilty of rape;
... not a cannabis side-effect.

Smoking legal cannabis doesn't "aid the terrorists".
Smoking illegal cannabis doesn't "aid the terrorists".

"Think of the little babies!!!" The babies will be fucking fine,
unless they have shitty parents.
Alcoholics are much shittier parents then potheads.

When you hear about someone having a good time doing something that you want to do
(deep down inside), but you are too repressed and vengeful to let it slide...
Somebody fucked you up as a child, probably a combination from the
psychological set of: religion, alcohol, molestation, ignorance and pride.

You are in the wrong and beginning to "get"
that you are in the wrong.

This is a graceful "out". Urge your federal MP to give control of the emerging "cannabis resource" to Canadian First Nations, so that this dirty vice is off your hands.

f) Canada: Give control of the emerging Cannabis Resource and revenues from tariff regime to First Nations to administer, without putting your dirty mitts on it first. FN's will spend it in the hinterland, instead of Ottawa and "the cities". mass, commercial production to serve regional demand (With licensing for small-quantity production and taxation regime for sales, to avoid cutting out personal and "artisanal" gardening.) SEZ's all across the country, sustainable economic engine for the hinterland and rural areas. I'm sorry, cities; but you should pay your hinterland for your commercial Cannabis production. Buy local, but not too local.


I set up a little roadside stand under Mount McKay in Thunder Bay. Did a booming bit o' jewelry business there, last week.


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