Monday, December 30, 2013

Bead-woven bracelet set for small-sized wrists, for sale; shipped with unique leather pouch.


#leather display (not included) Dec30_2013,

Peyote-stitched pink cuff on the right is composed of various, non-uniform glass #beads in size 11 and 13, with accent #bone and #garnet. Button/loop clasp.

The #Bronze glass cuff has accents of #gold and #dustyrose Both are small sized #bracelets; approx. 7.25 inches wrist and smaller. Lobster claw and metal ring, clasp.


#leather display (not included) Dec30_2013,

*These three bracelets are slightly larger than the first pair, above. Still about 7.50 inches, maximum (without allowing for working of clasp; still better fit at 7.25 inches wrist).

Leftmost cuff is glittery bead-soup; random beads of same approx. size. You can influence the temperature and colour of bead-soup patterns as they emerge by making constant decisions about sizing and colour parameters, as you choose single beads to fill the gaps in the "peyote-stitch" bead-weave, also known as the "gourd stitch" (external Wikipedia link). The centre piece is an alternating pattern of pastel turquoise and light purple, with ruby-like edging. The rightmost piece is made of larger gauge beads, but has the look of a tiny, stretched snakeskin.


One (1) unique, small-wrist-sized cuff set of five (5) beadwoven bracelets and unique leather gift pouch
will be shipped when payment clears my diligent bank, 2 weeks delivery predicted for shipping; typical check hold period.
These bracelets will last longer when the clasp mechanism is used properly, with a loose fit.

No returns.

If there is no buyer when the spring warms up, then the set will be broken up
and sold off as singles.

by Email. Use for arranging payment details.

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