Saturday, November 29, 2014

Long Time No Bloggy

Sorry folks.

The daily ritual of reviewing, rebuking, sharing, sparring, vying-for on "social media" seems to have drained my blogging will. Has it really been a year since my last post?

Fortunately, it has not drained me of my artistic impulse. I produced and sold many new canvases this year, updated some older canvases that have been sitting around for a while and did some collaborative work with Zzorhn (In Abstentia). In addition to creating a new format of beadwork that I make (the choker/double-up bracelets), I think that I have nearly perfected my peyote-stitch, beadwoven, button and loop clasp. Most of the stock is new, but I still see previous generations of bead tech on my blanket. Treacherous, flat little colonies of beads that could be better served as the basis for some bead soup.

I'll add some observations, etc., later.

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