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In which, I suffer my first , ever, #ArtBattle loss. Lament Document Arise


#ArtBattle 377 Eric C. Keast, round 1 easel station.

Open letter to a new acquaintance

One thought about our food/gluten discussion last night, lead me to postulate a recipe idea for you. But, I have no idea if it will work, since I am too poor and lazy after suffering my first ArtBattle loss, to actually test it in the kitchen.   :)

Instead I will post this letter on my website & see if anyone tries to cook it. --- Anyways, I offer it to you. ---

For a breadlike food option, perhaps there is a way to make a savoury "pancake", or crepe, with non-gluten flour.

Instead of sweet ingredients, use preferred flour (nut?), egg(s), olive oil, baking powder, seasoning and mix to pancakeilike batter, but slightly thin and oily.
Let it sit and thicken.
Pour batter in small (?) size,
add cubed, steamed vegetables/etc.
Cook to brown underneath and flip. Savoury vegetable pancake.

Additional options: milk in batter, cheese in add-ons, dressing for "syrup"?.

I think that keeping the veg. pieces small would help it cook all the way through the bottom, flipping it while the top is still uncooked, but gelled.   :)


"Still Fishing Crankbait, Slow Current" AB377-1-2 #ArtBattle #Ottawa March 2016, Photo from sister Holly :)

A message for -and open letter to- Art Battle,
to be posted shortly at my #BingoRageBlog {}

Hi there AB. I was in my first ArtBattle -AB #377- last night and really loved the whole experience.
I do have a suggestion that may actually be a benefit to both artists and #ArtBattle.  :)

After my painting round, I spoke with a bunch of people about badly wanting to resolve the piece, a bit more.
Somebody mentioned that if it sold, she couldn't see why the customer and artist couldn't arrange to have more work done on the piece. Interesting thought. :)

I am writing, because I am offering to finish my unsold AB canvas, on my own blog...
so long as the customer spends at least $200 (plus shipping, outside of Ottawa) to purchase it from #ArtBattle. I also address what mistakes I made and how I will win the next one.  :)

Buy it, as is, for less, of course; or spend more and request that it remain, as is, in the original "Art Battle State". However the patron wants.

I am suggesting that potential customers spend at least $200 (Ottawa area, $200 + shipping, elsewhere? Whatever AB policy, is.)  for me to resolve the work entitled "Slow Fishing CrankBait, Slow Current" [Round 1 of AB #377, don't have the number handy.] and they contact #ArtBattle to make the purchase, same as any other AB purchase inquiry; except, perhaps, for an evolved payment structure for an artist-generated sale and artist-arranged service for #ArtBattle.

 If the art had an "opening bid" of $50 at AB#377, and I offer to "finish it" for a $200.00,
 then I suggest %75 ($150.00 for the artist); #ArtBattle gets twice as much than a $25 cut of the
"suggested worth" of a canvas in storage and unsold.

Once the sale is made, then #ArtBattle is no longer responsible for
fulfilling the finishing of the work, because that is an arrangement between
buyer and artist, made offsite.

I believe that more AB work will be sold as more are being generated and that your organisation can
give money to more of your participants, through making this option available to your artists and clients.

Of course, the corporate thing to do, would be to hoover up the extra sales without spreading more money around.

:Eric C. Keast


Video of the moments before and the start of #ArtBattle #377,
link goes to FaceBook.

Next time, I will waste less time.   :)
Thanks Peter Purdy and crew.
Congratulations to winner Stephen Shugar.
{I will update this post when I find official announcement.}


The finished(?), and slightly soggy piece.

"Still Fishing Crankbait, Slow Current"   AB377-1-2  #ArtBattle #Ottawa March 2016

What Went Wrong? (In which, I suffer my first , ever, #ArtBattle loss.)

I couldn't believe it, when I received an invite to the next Ottawa #ArtBattle in my email, just a little while ago!! 

I was elated and also scared shitless. I'm not a very outgoing person, so the prospect of high-pressure painting, live, in front of a "big-city" crowd was threatening to blow my reality gasket. I've painted murals and canvases in front of schoolkids and Main Street small-town, #FortFrances,  Ontario, vicious punkrock junkies and inner-city hippies, stoned paintballer hicks and pranky college bros. But no timed, results-oriented, LIVE performance in front of artsy crowd and the threat of local celebrity.

 I already decided to start with a crankbait painting, because I had finished a commission of a pair for a friend, not too long ago.

"Bronze Floater And Silver Diver"_#BingoRageStudio

At that time, I had knocked out a quick study, before, as well. Of course, I took a couple days to do it, here and there. I often work on more than one piece at a time and divide up  the work if drying needs impose or burnout threaten.  :)

#crankbait study #BingoRageStudio 2016 "tiger" colour pattern

As a basis for the live, event painting, I decided to make my first 20 minute, timed painting, the night before. Honestly; I didn't want to "plan" a painting. It didn't feel quite honest, but it was reasoned to me that an honest reading of the rules clarifies that there is no thematic challenge offered in this version of #ArtBattle, therefore, no improvisational demand. A plan of action for your paintings is implied. OK.

  I also needed to try a 20-minute painting challenge to experience it and feel how much time it took to make a simple composition.

My initial canvas. I just sharpied an 18" x 24" border on my thin plywood "easel" in the #BingoRageStudio:

#ArtBattle 377 study 01. #BingoRageStudio #Ottawa 2016

#ArtBattle 377 study 01. #BingoRageStudio #Ottawa 2016

My first try was a mess for a couple reasons, and beautiful for the wrong reasons.
I loved the transparency, but knew that would disappear on a white canvas.
The tape edge makes great edges for presentation, but lose image real estate. I cut the lip off my crankbait by not taking the tape off at the right time. I liked the tape diagonals but thought they would glare on a white canvas.

2'nd try (Sorry for the crummy pic):

#ArtBattle 377 study 02. #BingoRageStudio #Ottawa 2016

Smaller #crankbait, bottom rig instead of diving cast-retrieve/troll. Lakeweed and horizontal lines taped at water/air horizon and "river bottom". Only one main element in this image, however. The time spent taping may not have been worth the effort, in hindsight, after the battle.

3'rd 20 minute study:

#ArtBattle 377 study 03. #BingoRageStudio #Ottawa 2016

Total, unfinished disaster. In my defense, I had nobody to call out time for me. And, too much time spent brushing the background. I put a sponge in my pocket and picked up a better one at the Art Battle. Perhaps the unfinished 3'rd study helped put me in a looney frame of mind, however.

This is my first, under-the-lights, live #ArtBattle painting"

#AB377-1-2 "Still Fishing Crankbait, Slow Current". #BingoRageStudio #Ottawa 2016

I was shaking like crazy, and using a sponge let me make a fast, wavy blue background and get my hands dirty; settled down. I finished the general crankbait, fast. I used my initials chop to make "fishey things in a school" and then set a loon against them. I filled time and canvas with sky, stream and landscape, while trying to think... what to do? to finish it?

It was then I made my biggest mistake. It must have been the five minute mark or less; I decided to add a third character instead of detailing what I had. The little sunfish with the big tophat is edgeless. The loon is undone and the little fishey things buried. I overreached. I nearly froze before the end and the piece feels badly unfinished.

I am still happy with it. :)

If I were to resolve "the painting that should have been",
maybe it would progress something like this....

#AB377-1-2 "Still Fishing Crankbait, Slow Current". #BingoRageStudio #Ottawa 2016

Revised "Still Fishing Crankbait, Slow Current". #BingoRageStudio #Ottawa 2016

Revised "Still Fishing Crankbait, Slow Current". #BingoRageStudio #Ottawa 2016

Revised "Still Fishing Crankbait, Slow Current". #BingoRageStudio #Ottawa 2016

Revised "Still Fishing Crankbait, Slow Current". #BingoRageStudio #Ottawa 2016


So... if you would like to purchase the artwork known as "Still Fishing Crankbait, Slow Current"  #ArtBattle canvas number AB377-1-2 and have me make something like these changes, plus or minus....
contact #ArtBattle #Ottawa and pay at least $200 for it.

Become a patron of the arts.

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