Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Spring #ArtSale for office supplies; #BingoRageStudio.


Hey BingoRagers.

     Hate to be so crass, but I need some quick cash to buy office supplies for impending grant applications. Payment info. down below, and I will update with a couple more sale pieces. Pls share, thanks.

PS: See, also.

    I am reducing "LoonFightBlue"
(2016) canvas from $105.00, to $90.00; includes shipping, by mailing tube.  

     This work has been detailed and clearcoated since first posted.

#LoonFightBlue  #BingoRageStudio, Ottawa, 2016.

"Two Loons spar under twilight stars and planets." 

Acrylic painting on loose canvas , unframed/unstretched - 11"H x 16"W.


     Ottawa-only pickup or limited delivery special.  :)

    I am reducing "Return Of The Thunderbirds" (2014-16) ; stretched canvas from $550.00 to $300.00 ; for cash or CDN E-transfer.

     Irregular 6-polygon stretched-canvas. Acrylic #painting with papiermache fish relief, glass relief "thunderbirds" and pencil. 

     You can view a former iteration of this canvas at my tumblr page (opens in new tab/window), as I was working on the piece in the new #Ottawa #BingoRageStudio. Summer 2015.

     Approx. 31"W x 22"H x 4" D.
#ReturnOfTheThunderbirds  #BingoRageStudio, Ottawa, 2016. 
#ReturnOfTheThunderbirds , detail.  #BingoRageStudio, Ottawa, 2016. 
#ReturnOfTheThunderbirds , detail.  #BingoRageStudio, Ottawa, 2016. 


I am reducing "12 Turtles" (2016); stretched canvas from $90.00 to $65.00.

Fragmentary #turtles surround one, resolved Turtle, in its darkness.

Acrylic #painting on loose, clearcoated, unframed, unstretched canvas; shipped, rolled in a mailing tube. Approx. 18"W x 24"H.

#12Turtles  #BingoRageStudio, Ottawa, 2016. #art #turtle
(Green on the edge is masking tape; now gone.)


(CDN funds in #Canada, Email transfer in Canada preferred and priority; USD funds to USA and foreign. USD and foreign orders necessarily take longer to ship. Thanks, in advance for your patience. Includes shipping.  "Square" card processing and PayPal accepted but take longer to clear.) 

Email erickeast@gmail.com, for availability info. before sending any payments.

Miigwitch and Thank You.


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Blue LoonFight Thingie, no longer available. :Eric