Wednesday, August 16, 2006

LTTA artist wins prize at Gimli fim festival.

Photo courtesy of CBC.CA; copyright Darryl Nepinak.
Still from Good Morning Native America

Excerpt from online CBC article:
Darryl Nepinak's Good Morning Native America (2006), a clever five-minute comedy about a talk-show host who broadcasts a local cable show from his living room, won the CanWest Global Best Manitoba Short Award at the festival...

L'Atelier also commissioned Nepinak to put together an evening of films made by aboriginal filmmakers. Nepinak told the sold-out crowd the straightforward goal of the "Indianpeg" program was "to show what Indians have been up to in Winnipeg."

CBC story

I met Darryl at an LTTA Aboriginal/New Media artist workshops in Toronto, last November. We met up again, coincidentally, in Winnipeg this spring, while my mother was in hospital, there.

Darryl asked me to give him a hand with a little project he was working on; a "ghetto talk show". I laughed, just thinking about the working title.

We did some filming down by the river and took stills with my camera, but it crapped out and the riverside pics were lost. Here's a few from around the apartment complex where some other footage was shot. I haven't seen the film, yet, but I'm really looking forward to it now; see if any of my bits made the cut. Congrats Darryl.


The following pics click for enlargement.

Filming Darryl Nepinak's [Good Morning Native America] (2006).

Filming Darryl Nepinak's [Good Morning Native America] (2006).

Filming Darryl Nepinak's [Good Morning Native America] (2006).

Filming Darryl Nepinak's [Good Morning Native America] (2006).


Anonymous said...

Outstanding! Congratulations Darryl!

Say, I haven't forgotten about you or the interview invitation, I've just been sucked into my summer projects with serious force, and I have yet to reemerge. Once Brainripples comes back to life (and I know I have a little traffic again), I would still like you to be among my first artist interviews, if you're still interested.

Your work is looking great, as always... I'm still poking around in your posts from the last couple weeks.

Have a great weekend,

Hoka-shay-honaqut said...

Thanks JLB.

Everybody check it out: